Monday, 10 February 2014

What a busy couple of weeks

I'm ready for a rest. Last week our son moved into his new home even though its still not fully decorated he has a functioning kitchen and bathroom and somewhere to sleep. You'd think his arms had been amputated though as he has no internet or TV as yet as he has to decide which supplier of each he wants and sort a date for fitting etc and of course save for the connection fees and the TV license, so for now when he comes home from work with hubby as they car pool he has his tea at home and his fix of internet connection and TV he wants to see, the later being far less important in his eyes.

He informed me at the weekend that he'd like his guest bedroom sorting as well as the rest of the house please as whilst out having a drink after work on Friday his dad kindly volunteered his spare room for a friend to stop at so they can go out for a meal and a drink and I can go too and be their taxi driver as I'm not a drinker. The guest room at the moment is my tool room ,dump room and store room so I wasn't overly joyful as not only does it have fitted wardrobes in that are in need of taking out and water pipes that need boxing in the walls need papering as they are royal blue, sunshine yellow and bright green, with touches of pale pink as well as coffee and latte with dado rails on 3 walls. I have the feature wall paper but have to get the other paper as I think that will be easier than painting over the wide and bright colour array.

I have also had this vomiting bug that my son brought home from work only hubby to have it now then that will be a full house, really good way to waste a weekend when I planned on a little craft time.

I have a birthday card to make for my brother in law for the end of the month and also after a phone call yesterday a get well/speedy recovery for my sister in law ( see next post).

Right off to finish a bit of house work and iron some shirts and then I might get some craft time before preparing dinner. Hope you are all well and that I get chance to visit some of you real soon, thanks for popping by.

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