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Firstly welcome and I hope you are well. If you like card making and messing with stamps ,inks ,dies  and sticky stuff then this is the place for you as it's where I document my crafty addiction.I do try to give tips and explanations of how I get the results I do and what supplies I use along with an insight into the muse or reasoning behind my wee creations ,but be warned I may also get side tracked and tell some stories about my suburban homemaker life too.

It would be great if you started following me but not necessary but would love you to let me know where you are from and what your crafty addiction is too and if you have a blog so I can pop by and say hi to you and check out your addiction productivity.

I have been crafting in one form or another for as long as I can remember from making plaster cast models sat on mum's porch steps from sets I received as Christmas gifts to making clothes for my dolls ,to paper mache beads and drawing  and colouring too. 

School art lessons I found boring as it was paint a colour wheel or still life drawing in charcoal and not something I was particularly good at but as an extra lesson and more for fun I did what was then O level art whilst doing A levels and crammed a 2 year course into a year and passed getting an A grade by doing ink drawings and applique pictures ,making fabric bags and cushions relevant to the ink drawings and loved it.

My husband started me down the road of card making when in our first year of marriage a Hobbycraft store opened and he took me shopping for Christmas ,I was like a sweet toothed child in a candy store as he said I could get what I wanted. I was so spoilt for choice but I think he was just as fascinated as he kept adding thing to the basket. I came home with rubber stamps,inks ,embossing powder, cards, silk painting kits,marbelling kits and embroidery sets too as well as felt pens and pencils. My craft store grew from a box I kept under the stairs to over the years , a stacker trolley then 2 then a desk in the box room which I shared with the Christmas tree and other junk we stored there , to taking the room over completely and now present day one of the larger bedrooms. I often wonder if he ever regrets starting me down the road of my addiction.

Well I hope you stick around and leave me some comments too with links to your blogs if you have one or even just to say hi when you pop by to check out my latest post ,just don't forget to become a follower then you'll never miss a thing.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and if I know the answer it will be a pleasure to be of help and to fuel your addiction too .

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