Saturday, 28 August 2010

Talk about a song being stuck in your head!

I found this challenge over at crafty cardmakers, and always wanting to try something different I thought I'd give it a go. It has totally driven me mad as the challenge was a video inspiration to use Lady Gaga bad romance. I like many of her songs and think her videos are so artistic her mind must be in overdrive all the time with all the details. This is probably why it has driven me nuts, I think I've watched it more than 20 times trying to pick out things, I've even dreamt about what I could do and had nightmares trying to make my dream images work, most of which I found totally impossible.

I decided I'd make a holder for my sons disabled badge permits as I thought it would keep them together and make them easier to find and as I have a black car thought it would match. See I can be a little girly sometimes, though I'm not sure I totally like what I made or how practical all the sparkly lumpy rocks will be, I can see they will be all over the car and not the holder very quickly.

Oh well I best show you my creation. I have quite a few elements that you will hopefully recognise from the video which you can watch here on the crafty card makers challenge site.

The inside was the easiest bit as I just drew silver lies in parallel to represent the ceiling tiles in the video. The white embossed flower swirl was to represent her tattoo but inversely colored.
The back I tried to incorporated some of the geometric shapes that feature strongly, the glasses near the begining of the video and the concentric rings. I had so much trouble with these as I kept smudging the silver pen and going wonky hence not full circles. black glossy card I found has a redeming forgiving quality, you can wipe silver gel pen off if you are quick with a baby wipe and start again.  The glasses frame I cut from mirri card and the eyes I drew and coloured with promarkers and sakura glaze for the eye lashes. I think these are my favourite bit.

The front is suppose to represent the concentric ring costume I tried to make it a bit 3D, which there is another piccy of, sorry for all the photos. The red bit the red lace costume near the end, I found a bit of white lace and recoloured with promarker berry red and just used thin red ribbon to edge it. The silver top left as you look has a mixture of flat back gems , rock crystal that were bits that fell off some christmas twiggs I got as house decorations last christmas and stickles, all over some silver mesh ribbon I cut to shape. I then stuck more sock crystals across the card with stickles to try and represent the scenes where there are gems in the air as she twirls.

My bit to show 3D.

Finally the overall look of the full thing. I'm still not sure I like it but I certainly think of the video as I look at it and it's certainly been a challenge and something different so thankyou crafty cradmakers challenge.


Jack said...

WOW what can I say. You certainly did a fabulous job on this. I can understand why you dreamt about it all, LOL. Thanks for joining us this week at Crafty Cardmakes.

Lin said...

I think your project is just amazing! Those eyes are sooooo in keeping with the bit at the beginning.

I can't get the blasted song out of my head either. I quite liked it to start with now it's just giving me a Ha, ha, oh ha,ha another headache!

You certainly should be able to pick this out for finding your son's permits..

You have put a lot of thought into this fabulous project. I do hope you will join us again at Crafty Cardmakers.

Lin xxx

fionalawlor said...

Excellent job! This is very like the video! Thanks for joining us this week at Crafty Cardmakers.
Fiona x