Monday, 24 October 2011

Biroche burgers

A quickie, a couple of nights ago my son decided after watching Australian master chef that he fancied trying Heston Blumenthal perfect burger. Well haven't got a mincer so he had to make do with my homemade burgers but I did have a go at making a brioche burger bun. Have to say it's not Heston's recipe as the copy of that we found on the internet wanted you to ferment the dough for 24 hours so I improvised and just found a brioche recipe in one of my cook books.

It was the first time I've made brioche and hubby said it was probably the best bread I'd made to date. I normally have problems knowing when to take the bread out you know the hollow sound  and I invariably take it out too soon and its a little doughy, but maybe I'm on a streak of better baking with bread dough, first my croissants now this brioche.
Here's a picture of the finished burgers, and yes they were that big, 12 cm diameter and for one of the first times I can remember neither hubby or son could finish their meal, a job well done in my book. It eve stopped my son returning to his computer games as he said he felt that full he needed to relax and let his dinner go down.

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Squirrel x said...

Good grief woman, that is enorrrrrrrmous! Would never have thought of using brioche as a burger bun but might have to give it a try! Hugs Sxx