Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lunch box naughty treats

I know lunch boxes are suppose to be healthy but if I pack fruit for my hubby and 17 year old son it only returns battered and bruise along with complaints that they didn't have enough to eat. I have learnt to stop wasting my breath and money where fruit is concerned and give them a naughty treat along with healthy sandwiches, at least that way I know what they are eating and can hide vegetables and fruit in their evening meals so they get their 5 a day. I know I'm naughty for hiding and controlling their diet and also for giving them a treat but although I don't have a sweet tooth I do enjoy baking when I can fit it in.

Yesterday was great fun all 3 of us in the kitchen together, hubby and son were making a cheesecake they had seen on Australian masterchef, which took over the oven for a good 3 hours plus in total so my baking became a bit of a marathon in between washing their dishes.It is now taking up space in my fridge and when it is allowed to emerge from it's tin I'll take a piccy and add to this post.

My bake turned into a marathon and from starting at 10 am I packed in at 6pm to start dinner and did all the finishing off this morning , which has been a mini marathon of 5 hours all told.

I had time that I couldn't do anything yesterday so decided I would have a go at making croissants for this mornings breakfast as I knew the dough should be rested in the fridge for at least 12 hours(great British bake off taught me that).

I finished them off this morning and made plain and chocolate chi[p croissants along with some experimental danish pastries. I have to say I didn't have any for breakfast as I am so trying to shed some extra pounds but both hubby and son said they were good. I did plan on freezing some as I reckoned they would only have one or two each but they really must have been good as what's left isn't worth freezing and I suspect will be eaten for breakfast tomorrow. I even thought they looked like the shop bought one, let me know what you think.

Here are the experimental danishes I made with the rest of the dough, I really can't believe how easy it was even though it was time consuming.

I do like to mess and play and decided I would try another couple of recipes from the great British bake off, battenburg, Viennese melts and salted peanut cookies.

The battenburg isn't perfect but that's more down to the baking parchment not being strong enough the stay straight , mine isn't foil lined, guess I should have added some foil to , never thought of that when I was doing it, hey ho. Never the less I don't thinks it looks too bad and son says the cake tastes great, which is all that matters.

The cookies even I think look fab and I really don't like dark chocolate. I'd never made praline or caramel which is the filling and actually threw one lot away only to realise I just hadn't left it long enough to change colour, so I'm really pleased . Hubby and son have tasted the plain biscuits and approve so that's  good too.

These are what I call Viennese melts, though I know that's not what they were called by Mary the contestant who made them. In hers she added food colouring to give a swirl of colour, I didn't have any so mine are plain. Hubby and son have tasted the plain biscuit before construction and said they really do melt. They are very crumbly if you over handle as I found when putting them together but I think they look fab if not a bit sickly.

Anyway these are my boys lunchbox treats, if they last that long of course, if not I'll just have to find more baking time.

Haver a fab day all now I'm off to find the sugar nellie blog hop day 2.Thanks for popping by.


Monica Gale said...

Oh my giddy aunt Julye I am salivating here. well done you for attempting all those crummy treats they look fabulous and I love the Viennese melts. I use this recipe to top up my mince pies at Christmas time and they are so much more delicious.Hugs xx

Mina said...

oooohhhh drool Julye, how lucky are your guys having you bake these for them, I watched the great british bake off too, did you see the tim for the battenburg, brilliant idea...these look amazingly good...thanks for your wonderful comment on my Sugar Nellie blog hop card
Mina xxx