Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cover to match my kitchen...

...well better than black anyway.

My hubby love cooking but not cleaning up. I also got fed up a couple of years ago asking what hubby and son would like for dinner and getting the same answer each time...'whatever'. I decided partly under the guise of educating our son that each week over a 3 week rotation we would construct a menu for the week, that way I get 2 weeks off out of every 3 in deciding what we are eating. I still cook and shop but don't have to come up with the meals and have a menu to work from. We have rules, you can't repeat your menu meals twice in a row nor can you have something from a previous weeks menu that way we get variety.
Other rules include it has to be a balanced menu and healthy too and each meal has to be complete, no good saying fish it has to be what kind of fish and served with etc. My son is now quite capable of coming up with healthy meals and often enjoys cooking even if he sometimes needs a little help as he can't carry the pans to drain etc and use his wheelchair at the same time.

All quite irrelavent I hear you say, whats this got to do with crafting. I'm getting there sorry for the delay. Hubby found recipe zaar web site and has got into the habit of choosing his meals from there, he thinks of an ingredient and searches for the highest rated. When I ask for his shopping list of ingredients I often just get a list of numbers so I have to find the recipes to find the shopping list, he's very naughty and I am so trying to break this habit. He then prints off the recipes and piles them in the corner of the kitchen so I now have them in a file that looked like this.

I decided that was boring so as I found a challenge that had colours that would co-oprdinate with my kitchen I decorated the file. Hope we don't get voloumes of them in the future.

I am entering my project for the following challenges:-
Ooh-la-la - colour challenge, colours of their blog
The Corrosive challenge- something to do with cooking or baking

Sorry for the long winded post but maybe it gave you a giggle too or an idea of how to get out of menu planning. See you all soon and thanks for dropping by. Julye.


Wendi said...

What a wonderful idea and such a lovely cover I know what you mean too my hubby always says something nice never has any ideas what he would like to eat and sometimes it does get tedious trying to think of different things to cook every night
Thank you for sharing this with us at ooh la la

Kim Piggott said...

Oh such a fabulous idea!
Love your gorgeous paper and such a cute image!
kim x

Carol said...

What a lovely idea. It puts my tatty A4 ring binder to shame. Thanks for joining us at OLL.

Joan Ottevanger said...

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!! Thanks for playing with us at Corrosive Challenges