Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Zoe's fun game in celebration of Austrailia day

If you are up for a bit of fun Zoe at Make it crafty has a fun game you can play. She has listed some Aussie slang on her blog and you have to put down in a post what you think they mean, thought it sounded fun so here goes.

Now have to admit I do watch Home and Away sad I know so don't laugh i like the sunshine and figure it makes my life look normal, so I might have some idea but might try to come up with some alternatives too. Here goes, oh just thought I could always ask my son for his interpretations too, that could be intresting lol.
Have to say looking at the list some of them are actually sayings we have here in the UK too, wonder if they mean the same thing, I'll put those we use in the UK in green.

You little ripper- you little beauty some one special or very good. I suppose it could also be said if you snag your stockings and it tears and you are trying to be polite, lol.

Well I'll be buggered-now I do know one literal meaning for this but I'll not go there as it's not in the spirit of this game so I will say I'll be darned or can't believe it or we often say we are buggered in the UK and mean we atre extremely tired.

Crikey- a sentiment of shock and something found in stories of bygone eras like Enid Blytons famous 5. We also say in the UK crikey moses, which is really shocked.

Fair Dinkum-if something is this I understand it to be good and honest and true, I suppose it could be someone who is pretty who's called Dinkum as names are getting more unusual these days.

On a good wicket- I'm guessing this means something like on a good day, or it could be a term used by you aussies when you beat us english at cricket, so I guess the ashes was played on bad wickets, lol only joking as I know very little about cricket as to me it just means more crafting time.

Make a proper galah of yourself- I guess this just means making a fool of yourself but have always imaginged a galah to be some odd creature,.

She'll be apples- does this mean she'll be sweet or crisp green and juicy or red and pappy depending on what kind of pple you mean, or does it just mean she's been drinking too much cider?

Ridgie Didge-now this did make me wonder, does it mean  that the person is a bit stiff and standoffish , or does it mean they play a mean digeridoo or are they just plain dead?

Buggerlugs- in the uk someone who is a buggerlugs is simply a bit iof a tormenting mischievous rouge. Or it could be someone who has insects on their ears?

Give it a burl-have to say this immediately made me think of someone vomitting, though we in the Uk would say hurl!

Bob's your uncle- another uk and we often add and fanny's your aunt. It basically means , there you have it, fait complete.

Go like the clappers-do something very speedily, or hell for leather or run like the wind put all you've got into it .

Ningnong- now no idea what this is but when my sis was little she use to call ice cream nongnong so I'll go with it being some kind of dessert.

Good onya!- i think this might literally mean good on you or well done!

Rough end of the stick-in the uk if someone gets the rough end of the stick they've got a bad deal of things or something worse than most others have.

Now I didn't cheat by looking things up and am looking forward to seeing what everyone else puts and to finding out the right answers too, but forthat I guess I'll have to wait till the 26th when the fun ends on Zoe's blog.

I asked my 16 year old and he said it sounded fun but the only answers I got were don't know can I go play on my PS3 now der well I suppose he's done all his school work and that's his way to chill before we go to parents evening, oh what fun??!!

Why not pop over to Zoes and join in with her Austrailia day celebration game and see what you come up with.

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Zoe said...

Julye, it sounds like Home and Away and your background in the UK paid off! hehee You did a marvellous job on many of these and it's fantastic to see that some of them most likely originated in the UK and travelled across with the convicts! hahaa Thanks for playing along for a few laughs! hugs xxoo