Cats can help you send your purr-fect message 

Up cycled glasses in metallic finish for a cat lover

 Water coloured dark tabby cat, is he taking a nap?


clean and simple ,just all cat.

It often feels so true.

A ginger friend keeping watch on high will he send birthday 
wishes or just a simple hi?

For something different try this encaustic wax card with a sentiment of your 
choice it could be the purr-fect card.

Clean and simple good luck card suitable for many
 occasions including wedding.
(in weddings)

Steampunk cat add a sentiment to personalise this card.
(in steampunk)

Simple in style but a fun lazy summer days card add birthday, 
love or retirement wishes or something personal to you and the recipient.
this puss looks a bit cross to me but I'm sure it would make any cat lover smile. Add a sentiment of your choice for just send it to say hello to that someone special.
£ 2.

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