Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Doodle palace candy

Why not pop over to the doodle palace and see the fab candy they have on offer!Hit the link on the side bar you're only a hop away.

Red and Green

What is it they say 'red and green together should never be seen except on the head and stem of a flower' well I think they should have added and at christmas time too.
Well, made this card for Jude 's challenge at Doodle Palace and also, as its red and green I'll try to link it to Simon Says challenge. I seem to be on a roll this week, so much for my saying I'll enter at least one challenge a week. Can't see this lasting as I've not got that many birthdays next month that I've not made cards for yet, now november has at least 4 or I could just make christmas cards for all the challenges I enter... I'll have to see what comes up. I decided along time ago that whenever I make definite plans something else always comes up that has to take precidence so I prentend I don't know what I'm doing from one day to the next with the exception of hospital,physio and dental appointments etc and that usually works quite well until I plan something. Well anyway my card;-
Simon says red and green and my card is certainly that.
Jude was more complex 1ribbon, 2 papers, 3 brads and 4 flowers plus christmas and red and green. Tall order ,I had problems knowing where to use my 3rd brad but it adds a little something extra to my young mans topper. Hope you like the card.

High hope happy birthday challenge

I didn't even realise there was a high hopes blog site until I stumbled across it the other day, even worse I didn't realise I had some high hopes stamps until I was fumbling through my stamp drawer looking for a shoe stamp. I knew I'd got these lovely stamps just didn't realise they were high hopes. Anyway enough about my lack of brain cells I'd stamped this cutey and put the frame on it, it's from a board game we have that held some pieces that punched out and I liked the colour, never to waste, recycling's good right? Well I thought I'd try monotones and just used a blue watercolour pencil and of course a bit of sparkle on the water. The pearl card I dry embossed with a fiskers board, raindrops not that you can see this or the sparkle very well but they are there honest. Hope you like it, I didn't think such a beautiful image needed much more.

Jude's mega blog candy

Why not pop over to Judes at crafts international to see the lovely mega candy she has on offer for her daily alzheimers give away. This ones not a daily though it runs till 29th oct. but not suprising when theres so much in that tote bag and you'd get the bag too if you are the lucky winner .Just click on  the piccy in the side bar.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

One card 2 challenges should have been 3

Well I made this card for my son to send to his auntie not that he knows yet and he hasn't had a say in the design either. I had an idea that these daisy and dandilion papers would look good as a focal point on a card and I found this sketch layout at Sunday sketch and stamp challenge #12 so I thought I'd follow that layout but unfortunately can't enter thier challenge as for once I didn't stamp anything..
I then stumbled across the pink elephant blog site and their challenge #34 is a tag ,puch and something dotty, well this card just fulfilled that bill too,what can I say.
I blog hopped some more and came across die cut dreams and their challenge  #16 ribbons and trims, well I certainly had used ribbons so I decided I would try and link this one card to all 3 challenges. I must say I hope this works like this in the future do all these wonderful blogs get together to help their fellow crafters enter all these brilliant challenges or was it just luck that my design idea and choice of papers and embellishments just happened to be what I needed. Hope the 3 challenges don't nmind sharing my one card.

cards and greetings birthday candy

Just found this fab candy so why not pop over tocards and greetings and help Sharon celebrate her birthday.

Monday, 28 September 2009

sixteenth birthday

Well my son decided he needed a card for his friend at school as he forgot to tell me last week and it was her 16th birthday yesturday so he would take it today and wish her a belated birthday. He always has set ideas about the cards he sends and sometimes will help to make them but was busy doing homework so I did this for him and he's taken it this morning. He didn't want one that said belated on it and he didn't want any soppy pictures so this is it and he said it was just what he imagined it to be. Brownie points for mum hope Leanne likes it so its brownie points for him too.

craftycardmakers 3D challenge

Well I was making this card for my sister in law, I've had these forever friends decoupage for awhile and I thought I'd held onto them for long enough and ought to start using them. I really am bad I buy lovely kits and papers and embellishments and then don't want to use them as they'll be gone , sad really at least with stamps you can repeat that image other bits you have to buy again. Well anyway here's my completed card I had trouble with some of my foam pads as there was no sticky on some of them when I took the paper off so had to add glue to them but it seems to have worked.
I then got on the computer while hubby and son were watching the grand prix and typed in craft challenge blogs and found another site  and this one had a 3D challenge just perfect so this is what I'm going to enter in their challenge . I sday I am if I can link it anyway. Hope you like my card and when I send it hope my sis in law will too.

No backing paper challenge

Well this card is for my sister in law from my mum. Originally I did make it with 2 challenges in mind this one and the winter wonderland which had a theme of hot chocolate but that ended yesturday and I didn't get around to uploading the piccy but well whats meant to be and all that. Well anyway it probably fits this challenge better C.R.A.F.T. challenge no backing paper. I have used this design with other stamps too but never with this one or these colours. The colours were from another challenge penny black I think and I thought they seemed an odd combo together so I thought I'd try them anyway and I'm still not sure if they work or not?
Anyway now son has gone to school despite telling me he has a chest infection starting ( docs appt made) I will get these pics up loaded before I start my daily chores. Hope you like the card and let me know what you think.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Secret crafters saturday challenge animal antics

Well for this one I thought I'd experiment and try something new and make a slider card. I decided this as while I was blog hopping I stumbled across an ad in someones side bar sorry to say I've been on that many blogs I can't remember whichone but it suggested that if the card you made wasn't for something specific you might like to send it to a child who is sick in hospital to brighten their day. I use to be a childrens nurse before leaving to care for my son and can tell you from experience that when a child is in hospital for more than a couple of days they feel very isolated and alone when there is no family with them and as we all know everyone like to get something nice in the post, so thats what I made my card for. If anyone is intrested the website is called
I used a daisy and dandilion stamp from docrafts and stamped dandilion (I think)
along with butterflies and flowers and coloured with sakura pens. I drew the catapiller and again used sakura pens I do like their glossy effect and the metalic ones still have a sheen even when you waterbrush them. I cut a lot in some green card and fringed the edge to look like grass , added the slider mechanism its a bit like an elongated T that you fold back on itself to make aa bit to stick the catapiller on. I mounted this on some more green card and stuck it all on the blue so the ground meets the sky added my inquisative dog and bugs , pull and a direction arrow and hopefully it may make a young child smile when they recieve it in the post whilst in hospital.

Confidence growing

Oh I was dreading that last one with Mr Linky but help from the challenge site with brilliant instuctions I might even get the hang of this yet!

Simons says and Heidi's choice with hidden candy challenge

I don't only find the making of the card achallenge but adding the link is far more challenging, this one has a Mr Linky so I feel back to square one again anyway onward and try.

My card for this sketch challenge is christmas based it means I'll have one less to make and I grt to use my patchwork pals stamps. The papers are from last years Anita's from docrafts and the gold is a card mum had sent to her and I liked the posh embossed gold so aquired it on its way into the recycling bin. The flowers were a freebie from a magazine but I took off the felt centres and added a bit more bling well it is for christmas.


I found a little help on the moving along with the times site and it worked 1st link sucessful just whether I can remember how on other posts

Moving along with the times -strictly sparkle

Well here goes time to post my first challenge card and then try to do a direct link. The card is a free docrafts stamp off their magazine coloured with sakurs pens and lots of stickles icicle glitter added to the snow flakes and fur on the hat. I then mounted on red pattered mirri card and sandwiched 3 bits of ribbon, I did loops as I only had thin green ribbon. I don't use ribbon as much as I probably ought to and when I do think about using it I never seem to have the right colour and width ,never mind. I thought with love would make a change from just merry christmas.  I took a really close up so you can see all the sparkle just in case you missed it.  When I look at all the other lovely cards on all the other blogs my designs seem very simple  and not as complex as other peoples but when I try to do fancy designs they never seem to look right or I don't like them ...perhaps I'm just a simple girl at heart well anyway it wouldn't do for us all to be the same I suppose.
I digress ... maybe I'm just putting off trying to sort this link but the time is nigh and all I can do is hope I'm sucessful, hope you get to see my card and if you have reached here through a sucessful link hope you like my card and thankyou for taking the time to visit.    

Time to try something new

Well I decided it was time I actually tried to get around to making at least one card for at least one challenge, and I am happy to say I have managed to find time to do that and more. I have made 4 cards 3 for challenges and 1 for my son to give to a friend on monday for their 16th birthday, he always leaves me with such alot of notice but always has definite ideas of how he wants the card to look, might I say sometimes he thinks I can work miracles like the time he wanted one that would open like clockwork and be 3 dimensional. Needless to say that card I didn't make and he had to come up with a more realistic concept so now he's usually quite good with his ideas and sometimes will particpate in the making of the card but today homework took priority, so I really can't complain. Right I'm off to take some picci's of my cards and then I've got to try and follow Jude's(from craft international) instructions that she very kindly sent me to help me achieve this so I will try and put them into action, you will see if I'm successful.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I keep getting distracted

I keep thinking I'll put something on my blog but then get distracted by all these other brilliant blogs, I could do with a rotation list so I don't start at the same place each time and then I find blog hops which are great fun and I find more sites to visit! I only intended being on the computer for 1/2 an hour and was going to look for some pens on qvc but I didn't make it that far and now I've got to get ready to take my son for a hospital appt so no new pens well I suppose I've saved some money whats meant to be ?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

When will I find time to craft??!!

Well I got the room decorated and my multigym arrived at 7:20 this morning not bad to say we didn't expect it till some time after oct 4th. My son is excited now and expects it to be built by the time he's home from school so I don't know that I'll have much time for crafting although mum has asked me to make an anniversary card for one of her friends so I guess I will have to make time as she wants it tomorrow and I had forgotten, as I have been making some cards for Judes alzheimer fund raising, and I have to get them in the post too.
Well no rest for the wicked and I have something to look forward to as I was Judes daily candy winner on the alzheimer daily candy draw- many thanks to Jude for the chance to win and good luck to everyone who enters today,it was a wonderful suprise thanks again to Jude and I suppose I better get unpacking boxes and building then I can get on with that anniversary card.

Friday, 18 September 2009

I've got a plan! will it work?

I've got a plan! will it work? It never usually does in fact its already not working. The plan was spring clean my living room I know its not spring but I like to do it after summer hols and christmas ones then go buy a cheap roll end for the bedroom I've been decorating whilst doing the washing then clean rest of house as mum and dads are coming for lunch on sunday. Well don't think I'm going to get it all done as my son left the computer on and instead of switching it off I started looking at different blogs and here I am an hour later, see what I mean. I also planned on making some christmas cards with the freebies from my latest mag so I can send them to Jude for her alzheimers charity, so must get on .
Oh special thanks to Hazel for becoming my first follower1

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Craftsuprint competition entry

Hi I might be getting the hang of uploading pictures now . This is my entry for the craftsuprint competition, I've never made a card using acetate befor but I thought this might work as it would add perspective. I was quite pleased with the look of the finished card but I used double sided tape to attatch the bear and glitter card and you could see this on the inside which I don't like as it makes it look a mess and unfinised, fussy my son would say but we all strive for perfection don't we?

card for moving along with the times

Morning all, well the bedroom is fully painted so carpet hunting today but I did find time to make a card for the moving along with the times challenge. All I have to do now an even bigger challenge is add the link to it on their page after uploading the image now at the moment thats what i call a challenge/
My card uses some last years Anita's christmas papers and one of the patchwork pals stamps from QVC. I was playing by staming them on different papers and cutting out the clothing to dress them it gives a totally different look to colouring them in, a technique that could grow on me. Have a good day all, hope you like the card

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I've done it

I finally added a blog candy picture all I've got to do now is work out how to import pics of my craftworks!

Didn't work

Added the address and thought I had added alink but it doesn't seem to have worked so have added to the candy link, please can someone tell me how to add links in posts

blog candy

new blog candy stamp stamps and more stamps from as requested a post with a link as I too am new to blogs and don't know how to add pictures yet and am not altogether sure if I've done this right but I'm trying if anyone can tell me how to add pics I'd be greatful thanks

So much to do so little time

Where does all the time go, I really will have to make a concerted effort to get some pics of my cards onto this blog,but I don't often get to the computer as when son is in he's either using it for homework or chatting to the friends he insists he hasn't got and when he's not on and I get to the computer I get distracted by surfing all the brilliant blogs of everyone elses out there and then think oops I better go and do the decorating I'm suppose to be doing.
I'm trying to cover my sons old bedroom he moved into one of the other rooms, when he was little we had different themes each time I did his room it started with star constalations that was intresting but not hard to recover, then we had a jungle with animals painted on the walls. Then he wanted dolphins after swimming with them so for some strange reason I painted the walls turquoise and then painted dolphins on that in opalescent paint and found some glitter paint which I painted in bands so it looked like light through the water. It looked good though I say it myself but now several years later and 3 coats of paint later and still its patchy what did I do.Hubby suggested I had a new radiator fitted as I'd even painted that turqoise so that was done yesturday so now there is just the ceiling to finish, this had clouds on a turqoise sky with luminous star and moon. Hopefully all I have to do next is window dressing and find a new carpet so i can have it as a gym, hubby bought me a multigym for my birthday and its due for delivery begining of october so now you know why I've got to get on with the decorating.
Well I might get back or even get some crafting done inbetween coats .

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bribery not required good job too

I haven't quite got around to making the cake as I've been decorating and it was 2 oclock before I new it, so I went to cut the grass and as its not been cut for weeks that took a while and filled my green wheelie bin, and oops my son is home, so I very apologetically showed him what I'd done and he said just to wipe his out and as he has no homework he's going on the playstation. That was too easy but I'm not complaining.

I'm in Bother

I will be in bother when my son comes home as I appear to have wiped out his blog and made it mine, I will have to hope he's in a good mood and see if he knows how we can create another one for him maybe I'll make his favourite cake he's usually open to a little food bribery, will it be chocolate or lemon drizzle cake....Lemon drizzle I think.