Thursday, 22 October 2009

A happy birthday with an unuasual sketch and embossibilites

This card I have done for 2 challenges the first is at Whimsy Stamps challenge and the second at Montygonza's card challenges.
Whimsy have a theme of embossibilites so I have heat embossed both my little cup cakes and my dancing and partying forever friend. I also heat embossed the 'happy birthday' using moonglow powder but decided it needed a little more definition which I added in the form of shading depth using a sakura pen.

The layout is from the sketch at Montygonza's and I had real problems deciding which papers to use. I must admit I've added a layer as the card I thought it would fit it was too big for, so slight artistic lisence as with the embellishment, why have one large when you can have lots in the form of musical notes, hope it not stretch too far and remains eligible.

I think I need alot more practice with these sketch layouts, oh well as I go away on saturday I suppose I ought to think about packing and getting things organised for my 2 men whilst I'm away however would they cope without me, well I can pretend I'm indispensible ,it makes me feel good.
Sorry about the quality of the picture only my son is on a geography field trip and has my camera so I had to use the scanner to get my piccy instead and its not quite as clear as the camera but i think you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Packaging try out number 2

Well this is my second packaging tryout and i'm going to enter this into loads of challenges as they all have similr themes.

Cute card Thursday has a theme of Spookfest

One stop craft challenge has a halloween theme

Incy wincy also has a halloween theme

Cupcake crafts has a things that go bump in the night theme

everybody-art also has a halloween theme

as does the corrosive challenge blog

Hope my little goody bag counts for all of these, see what you think. The image was a freebie from Mo's digital pencil and the Boo is from a really old set I bought my son many moons ago.

Tests for halloween trick or treat goodies

Well I'm going away for the half term week but will be back in time for halloween and had decided that I would make some biscuits as my treats for all the ghouls etc that will come to our door. Its been a while since I made any biscuits so thought I best have a trial run here they are. 
Now for the test outs for the packaging you never know where those little fingers have been and I would hate for bugs to be passed around so packaging.

This is my first tryout I thought I'd enter it into Stamptacular Sunday for their spooktacular challenge see what you think. Another version to follow later.

Californian stampin candy

Hi why not pop over to californian stampin and share congratulations for 100K visitors and candy

Sunday, 18 October 2009

A christmas card for stampavie and stampin for the weekend

I have combined the sketch for stampin for the weekend with the theme  of christmas for stampavie # 65. My card is quite simple as are many of my cards but I think its quite a fun design, see what you think.

One new favourite sketch book and 3 challenges.

Now this is not something I do very often but how could I not, I decided I would start making a note of my favourite sketches from the challenges I enter. I normally sit and ponder as to what layout to use on my cards and usually end up with some thing very simple. Since entering challenges I have  made changes to my style when following the sketches and some I've really liked, so I thought I would start a reference book of my favourites that I can refer back to in the future. I aquired an old note book of my sons that I got sick of picking up to dust his room and he never even noticed it had gone. I didn't like the skateboarder on the front so had a little play and can now enter it into 3 challenges.
The first is Moving Along with the times- they wanted not a card well mines a note book so that counts.
The next is Pollycrafts challenge and they wanted you to use orange,turqoise and chocolate brown, 3 colours I love together so I think I've managed that.
Finally Whimsy Stamps said to 'Get Punchy' so I did and now I have a note book my son wouldn't be seen dead with.

Another Polkadoodles challenge

This one I also did for Polka doodles which is probably why I was so close to the deadline, hope my clock was right as I added my comment at 11:59 by my computer clock but if I missed the deadline for last weeks challenge it was obviously not meant to be.

Well challenge #22 and the other side of my challenge book well I could hardly leave a totally blank surface when it so desparately cried out to be decorated and my shoe stamps were staring at me from my desk, I really should try to tidy up more frequently. Well here's my card and a phrase I use so often along with 'If the shoe fits buy a pair in every colour.' , my hubby goes mad and I must admit I do own shoes that I haven't worn yet.

Race against the clock

This is a challenge I only found this morning and the deadline is noon today, for some reason I thought I'd enter as I wanted a new cover for my note book as I try to get organised and avoid things like this happening. The challenge is for Polkadoodles #21.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Weaving for a change

Well this card fulfils 2 challenges ,but my biggest challenge was finding which challenge the sketch came from as I have this bad habit of going through the postings on my dash board so I don't miss anything (well at least thats the theory but I seem to flollow that many blogs that I rarely keep up) and sketching the plan layouts and noting down the different themes. The problem is I don't always write down all the info, so like today  for an earlier post I couldn't find creative inspirations but I'd made a card for the theme and it has now just taken me nearly 1/2 an hour trying to find who's layout I followed for this card.

I did find the layout and suprisingly I haven't missed the deadline ,someone must be looking after me. The layout is from Sunday sketch and stamp.
The colours are for Colour create challenge of black, white, yellow and red. Yellow just seems to keep cropping up lately and I am so not a yellow person, if you know what I mean. I tried weaving as its something I've not done for ages and I'm sure it wasn't as fiddly but maybe the paper strips were bigger as I remember doing it with my son so it must be quite a while ago.
See if you think it looks ok, I'm still not sure. The card seems to have a bit of a retro feel to it , maybe I'll send it to my sis she always loved yellow when she was little but couldn't say yellow and said lellow. Sorry Kath if you read this love you really.

sketch and stash with christmas in october

I was going to put the creative inspirations link on a previous post but I couldn't find the christmas in october challenge hopefully I'll find it this time.

I used the sketch from sketch and stamp challenge #21 and I think the 2 challenges work quite well together.
The sketch and stamp team want you to use something new well I have used my stamp before by stamping images but I don't think I ever actually got around to making anything so I hope that counts and its from Do crafts.

Is it a fairy or an angel?

I seem to be into fairy mode or is this cutie an angel , oops she has a halo must be an angel.

Well this one is again for several challenges just because they are all to do with christmas or because the card fulfils the challenges set.

Firstly the layout is from Passion for promarkers and I get to play with my new pens as its any colour and a layout. I don't have the original set, only the new ones so I guess there will be a few challenges in the future that I won't be able to join in until Ive saved some more pennies. If anyone has any tips on my colouring they are all greatfully recieved as I'm still not too sure I've got my blending of 2 colours together just right yet.

Stampavie have a christmas theme.
 Sassy designs also  has a christmas theme and a DT member call, why not pop over and take a look, so I guess my wee angel could enter into all these challenges too.

Summers end into autumn...

...but out side its more like autumn into winter. Bring back the sunshine! I know we need rain but I think it should only rain between 10pm and 5am . Oh well onto my card for this post.

Not as good a picture as I hoped and for some reason it seems to be dtuck at medium size, never mind technology that has a mind all of its own.
I have decided to enter this into several challenges providing I've not got mixed up again with deadline dates again , I really will have to get organised, but there not much hope of that today as hubby is working from home so all my plans and normal routine will be disrupted  without him intending to, if you know what I mean.
Well the first challenge I will hopefully enter this card in is for the layout for Simon Says. A fab sketch from Domi it really made me think how I could make it work, hopefully I did.

I then took a look at the other challenges to see if I could enter it for any of them and I found I had used the right colour scheme for Stampin for the weekend. They had a theme of the end of summer using orange ,brown and leafy green. I must admit there's not alot of green but my fairys shoes are definitely green. I've not checked yet but I think I might have missed this deadline  but still.

I can also enter my little fairy into ABC's challenge of F for flying and Cute Daisy Mays 'Fairy-nuf' challenge.
I think if I'm not too late she might count as autumn colours too for the challenge over at Saturday challenge.
The Creative Card Crew wanted a card with scallops so looking at my card it could be entered into this challenge too.
Well regardless of the deadlines I hope my niece likes her card.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Such a loveable bear and he likes marmite too

Well for those who haven't yet guessed my card has Paddington on . How could I not when all those soft toys of him were created just down the road in not so far away Doncaster. In case his advertisement campaign hasn't left our shores Paddington at the moment is doing an ad for marmite.

I have made this loveable bear, as, when I remember watching him on tv he was a very flat cartoon character with sparely coloured drawings for the backdrops, gosh does that show my age, I think his more realistic modern day counterpart certainly looks cuddlier, but how could you not give him a home. I'll shut up now and heres my card.

finally a deigital delight

I finally and probably just by the skin of my teeth got around to doing a digital delight with the right sketch. I used this fab freebie but have to say I didn't attatch a bow as I really don't think it would go with this image but I did try it and decided our neighbours son wouldn't really appreciate a bow any way.

I love this image it reminds me of my son when he was little as I made him a halloween cape with a hood that had little devils horns and he made me laugh as he thought when he put it on he could get up to mischief and not get into trouble... he wore it right up till christmas, needless to say now he's 15 he still gets up to mischief without the cape. Hope you like my card and please can I be considered for the guest DT thanks julye

I'm a winner

Yeh! I won 2 digital images from Doodle Palace and had a problem deciding which two. They have another challenge this week why not pop over and join in the fun

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thank you but it might be a little late

Well I have a feeling I've missed the deadline for the theme of this challenge but hopefully I'm in time for the layout challenge.

I can't believe I used yellow again must be something in the air. The challenge of Thanks theme was for crazy 4 challenges and the layout sketch for Mojo monday 108.
I think I'm going to have to get into a routine of doing the challenges as they are published and not as I keep doing scribbling them on bits of paper and picking which I feel like doing and hoping I've not missed the deadline.

moving along to Fall

This is another one I'm quite pleased with,the sketch is from Moving along with the times the blog that sent me down the road to blogging and the theme is from pink elephant of Fall. I've used a little artistic lisence with the sketch as my little bits aren't straight strips they turned into leaves hope you don't mind. I do think autumny cards are fab for men don't you?
The image was an experiment overstamping in different colour and I think it worked quite well.

I never thought I'd make a yellow card

Yellow is so not my colour, in fact yellow and red are 2 colours I'm really not keen on and I suppose I can only cope with small doses of pink ,I'm more at the blues, greens and purple end of the spectrum although I do like orange. I can't believe I have made a card that is predominantly yellow and I think it could become one of my favourites, wonder what it would be like in other colours?

The card sorry ,getting carried away with suprise at myself, I started with the sketch from stamp with fun #28 in case I've missed the challenge deadline I seem to be good at that, then I found the Penny Black challenge and as I only have 2 of their stamps I decided to use my mouse, they also wanted buttons and bows. I also decided to combine it with the cupcake crafts challenge #61 as they wanted buttons and stitching and I feel really proud of my finished product, I seem to have been on a roll today I could really get into using these sketch layouts, it takes alot of the hard work out of crafting as I'm not sat there trying to work out what to do, and I think my cards are evolving for the better.

The not so dark side of halloween

This card I've done for 2 challenges the layout is for Carols sketch and I made it a halloween card for papertake weekly sketch who wanted the dark side. The image I used is from digital designs I think, sorry I got in a mudle downloading freebie images and am now quite confused as to which are from where, I'm going to have to back track to find out. 
Well if it was dark and I met this spider I would run a mile I'm rather arachnaphobic to say the least but in the light he's dare I say cute. I used my new promarkers and haven't yet found the right card as they bled a little, so any one who knows a good card type and where to buy in the uk please feel free to let me know, I'm willing to take advice and learn. 

Monday, 12 October 2009

How do I choose what should be my show case

I found this fab challenge Magnolia Down under ,its a really nice blog and despite not having any Magnolia stamps yet  I like the site it's light hearted, and when I saw they had a guest Dt up for grabs I thought I'd have a go, problem is I don't know quite what to put in my little showcase.

My style is quite plain at the side of all these fantastic design team cards so I'm fairly sure I don't stand much of a chance, but then thats just being negative isn't it and I'm always telling my son he should be more positive so fingers crossed.  I tend to be a rubber stamper at heart though I get distracted and like trying new crafting techniques as I find them,so I have included my first go at quilling, and a card I made for one of my sons friends as he is mad about a console game and this lady in the pink bikini is from that.

I have also taught myself encaustic technique which is almost as gratifing as stamping as you get results really quickly, but I still have alot to learn and would only class myself as a basic beginner but its definitely fun. I like the idea of having a card you can polish to make it shine.

I enjoy cross stitch but quickly loose patience if they take along time but I saw a magazine article for ribbon embroidery, this was fab quick and very effective results that look as if you have to be really clever to achieve but you don't.

I find mens cards quite hard especially when they don't have too many hobbies or you don't know them that well. I bought these skeleton leaves not really knowing what I was going to do with them but this is what I came up with, I think it might be one of my favourites.

This is a fairly recent card I did for a challenge and I think this could be another favourite again its quite simple though.

When it comes to girly cards I love the art deco era and have stamps and kits for these, I've actually got the same image as is on this card in a stamp and love using it but I also love the cute stamps and some girls are just the flowery type so I make these to. The art deco though I've used in mens cards too, I never realised how many cards I have made that are men orientated . Well if nothing else this little exercise has shown me I'm not bad at mens cards afterall.

Die cut dreams baby card

I can't imagine how awful it is to loose a baby pre or post birth, but can sympathise as we were very nearly in that situation when pregnant with our son. At 20 weeks  a fibroid I didn't know I had until I got pregnant started to  degenerate and I was at risk of loosing my baby and becoming seriously ill myself. The doctors debated as to whether to terminate my pregnacy electively but I persuaded them otherwise and managed to carry our son to 26 weeks and 3 days before having an emergency section. We then went through 14 weeks of daily traumas in special care baby unit but thankfully have a beautiful son though life still has its traumas as he has cerebral palsy giving him trouble with mobilisation. We count ourselves very lucky and know it could have been very different and my heart felt sympathies go to anyone who looses a child .
Here's my baby card on a lighter note as at the moment there seems to be a lot of little boys arriving in the world.

Baby boy celebration

It seems to be a week of baby cards and new arrival celebrations. I have just got back from the hairdresses having had my hair cut into a little tidier style where there are notices up announcing the birth of a new wee boy to one of the staff.
This card is for another birth celebration prompted by Rach at papersbyrach WOJ and her and their DTs plan to inundate Alison one of their stamp designers with welcome cards for her little bundle due to arrive on the 16th of the month. Mine isn't a stamped card but its a welcome card for a new baby boy and I hope this will be ok for the challenge, I thought it was just a little different so I hope Alison and Jim like it too.

My little wild life card for Incy Wincy Designs

Over at incy winy designs they have a challenge to make something with a little bit of wildlife, why don't you pop over and see and you could join in the fun too.
I decided my little elephant stamp, well actually it was one that came in a childs animal set that my son had when he was younger and I liberated from his toy chest when we were having a clear out ( one thing that didn't make it to the charity shop or bin), would be just the ticket for a bit of wildlife card.
I used moonglow spritz to colour white card added a strip of brown leather look paper down the centre and stamped and embossed my little elephant onto some black mulberry paper with stardust embossing paper. I them made a tassel to finish off the look.I think it would make a fab mans card, well thats what I'd use it for anyway.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Something Brown for starters

I found the starting point for this challenge at stamp something on Friday evening before going to bed and found myself dreaming how I could do such a card. Needless to say this is totally different to what I dreamt as its not the same stamp but I think I like this better. For my background papers , thin card really, I spritz some moonglow tawny shimmer, which is a lovely bronze and teal then printed different stamps in different brown inks on it. I used the same stamps on the other brown card, these are recycled from a filing system that was a little worse for wear . The stamped image is embossed in copper powder.

The layout is from another challenge I found at Truely scruptious and they had an extra of adding some doodling , my faux stitching on my lighter brown card and around my sentiment I think helped finish my card off.
Finally I found a birthday challenge at one stop craft challenge so I might enter this card for that too. I think I'm getting quite addicted to all these challenges.

excitement my promarkers have arrived!

Well I decided after alot of deliberation that I would treat myself to some posh pens after reading so many blogs that say they colour in with copics and promarkers. I then found a promarkers challenge site and that helped me decide which to plump for , I asked hubby who spoils me rotten if I could buy some telling him they were quite expensive but not actually telling him the price and he said I could have some. I found the new colours on offer at Joanna Sheen and decide that I needed them along with the skin accents and tones and of course the greys and a blender. I was on my way, then I called into hobbycraft and they had some 5 sets on offer at £4-75 each so I got the brights and pastels, so I now have quite a few colours and when my pens arrived from Joanna Sheen I was delighted that the promarkers challenge was any colour any theme, how could I resist entering.They also wanted 3 shapes ,2 papers and 1 ribbon.
I set about deciding what to do.
 I found Mo's pencil had a challenge with a free download graphic for the colour Purple that set my colour, now for the layout.
Mojo monday had a fun sketch that had 3 shapes, circle, rectangle and squares the perfect set of ingredients. I then found a further challenge at Allsorts which was a theme of halloween so now I was set.
 I am quite pleased with the results and am so far impressed with my new pens but I will be stopping by the promarkers site tutorials so I can learn how to get the best frpm my new investment.

Papertake a sketch and scrappy frogs use a tree

For scrappy frogs challenge you just needed to use a tree,along with anything else you wanted. I found this stamp in my box when I was having a sort through to remind me what stamps I haven't used for a while and decided that I would use this as my focal point on a card. It reminded me so much of how the trees look in winter, that I took a look at some photos my hubby had taken with 'our' new camera last christmas day, I think I've probably only taken 1/2 a dozen shots with it as my hubby is quite protective of our camera, boys and their toys. Well anyway we had had a slight covering of snow and heavy frosts and the trees around where he took pictures were all sparkly despite being bare of leaves and so inspiration was born. Hope you like the card, I seem to be doing a few black and white christmas cards unusually for me but still I think they work.
Papertake weekly challenge had a sketch and I am trying to expand my layouts by using different sketches  and be a bit more adventurous as I tend to use very simple layouts so this card is my take on their challenge sketch too.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Stamps and smiles 4

Well this one, I had a plan but I'm not sure that it worked as well as I hoped. My idea was to use 5 small images for the 5 snowflakey bits and it did seem like a good idea, especially when I had them walking or sitting on glittery white snow. I must admit this isn't going to become one of my favourite layouts unless I get some inspirational ideas from all the fabulously talented crafters in blog land, but it was worth a try, see what you think constructive critasim welcome.

Stamps and smiles number 3

Heres hoping I don't get mixed up ,I think I best just pop to their blog to check. Please excuse me for a moment.....Ah yes this one, I missed the extra little bit off at the bottom of my image as it didn't seem to look right no matter what I tried there , flower, snowflake, star or button in various shapes ,sizes and colours all looked wrong as if they were there without reason, so I hope you don't mind I left it off for asthetic reasons, but hope you like my card anyway.

Stamps and smiles #2 and doodle palace too

I thought I'd combine these 2 challenges as the stamps and smiles sketch fitted perfectly with the card I had planned for doodle palace.

Doodle palace wanted a thankyou card with ribbon accent but the background had to be made using cling film to stamp a pattern, how I managed to get orange ink all over my fingers too I'm still trying to work out but it gives a lovely subtle pattern.

The layout was one I had planned anyway so seeing the stamps and smiles sketch was a wonderful bonus.
All I can say is THANK YOU  for letting me share my card between challenges!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

One card lots of challenges

Well this one isn't for anyone in particular its just to fulfill some challenges but I'm sure I'll find someone to send it to.
First challenge is Die cut Dreams as it's their sketch and colour scheme I've used.  Sorry about the photo but the sun decided to shine and cast a shadow.
I had ordered some promarkers on monday and as I sat down to make this card they arrived, fab service from Joanna Sheen, so I just had to use them.
 I decided to experiment and draw on acetate or clear foil as Stamp with Fun calls it, so that fullfils their challenge too.

I had read that stazon isn't good with promarkers so I stamped on one side and coloured on the other and it worked, thank goodness.
I've decided to enter this card into 2 other challenges as they too both have halloween themes I hope they don't mind sharing . The challenges are Simon Says....Boo! and  A spoon full of sugar challenge #72 I hope all you guys don't mind sharing. I added another little spider inside just for fun and framed the window just to finish it off, see what you think.

No images - this is the one!

Well I knew I'd seen one for no images somewhere, good job I made 2 cards without images.This one is for saturday spotlight challenges and its the card I made for my other nephew, the first being the one I made for pink elephant on the previous post. Well Joshua is into nature so I thought the spider and fly would be right up his street . I got confused with all the bits of paper I've got with challenges written on and made it in the colour scheme of another challenge but it works don't you think?

Halloween fun

Well I thought I'd make a couple of halloween cards for my nephews ( brother's boys) and try and combine with one or two challenges as there seems to be alot of halloween ones about.
My first one is for the Pink elephant challenge, they wanted halloween in black, white , purple and orange. Well I was sure that another challenge I'd seen was to make something using no images so when shopping this morning I found some bugs and halloweeny plastice bits that I thought would be good stuck to biscuits for halloween treats with icing of course not glue, that would be a trick not treat wouldn't it.
When I started to make my no images cards I decieded they might be good for my nephews too. Well here's my first card for pink elephant, hope its up to spooky standards.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Coffee cream and a cherry on top

Well my baby brother (not really and he'd die if he heard me) has a birthday in November and I thought this image would really wind him up. He and his wife have a thing about me not sending bought cards they must be some of the select few people who don't appreciate handmade cards with all the love and thought that goes into them. Unfortunately it has the revese effect on me and I send them and their children handmade cards for anything I can think of just to wind them up, not that I see them that often as they live on the welsh border and even when they come up to see my mum who doesn't live far from me they never pop by to say hello and give instructions that I'm not to visit as they've come to see mum. It's sad really as we use to be really close until he got married and moved away.

A celebration without booze???

I made this card with our sons god father in mind, he was also best man at our wedding and frequently visited the pub although not as much now as he's getting  more mature or is it just that he works alot of night shifts so can't?

Anyway thought I'd try and use a bottle top as an embellishment as I don't really know what to do with them, and also some direct to paper ink technique with a bit of resist technique too.
I thought I'd enter this card into the creative card crew challenge as they wanted a celebration card.

Another one with high hopes

This little boy looks as if his mind is so far away, and what a brilliant way to use up odd scraps of paper, just layer them on, I'd obviously had a blitz of using blues. Hope this counts as enough layers for your lotsa layers High Hopes? Not the kind of card I'd usually make particularly the sentiment but I think it works quite well.

One card 2 challenges

Stamps and smiles wanted a card with set colours for their challenge, red,green,caramel and chocolate chip. I thought this woulkd be perfect colours for the card I planned to do for the penny black challenge Autumn breezes.
I embossed the image with moonglow obsidian copper a lovely rich chocolate colour , the caramel I count as hedgehog colouring and the mount card and my lovely shiny sakura glaze pen balloons finish off my card. I didn't add a sentiment as I haven't yet decided if I want to as I thought it would just be a nice card to send to someone to say hello.
I thought although the hedgehogs look as if they are bouncing along maybe not maybe they are being blown along on an autumn breeze. Hope you think the same.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

One card 3 challenges

Well this card is done to the sketch of C.R.A.F.T. challenge, and I have combined it with cute daisy may challenge 1 ribbon , 2 buttons and 3 flowers and I thought I might also enter it into the secret crafts celebration challenge.
 The image is from another patchwork pals set and I think it looks effective with just that little bit of stickles sparkle , I'm not sure if you can pick it up from the picture though.
You can't really tell that the image backing paper is textured either I'm obviously not having a good piccy day.

For the cute daisy challenge I used 1 ribbon ,when it comes to the buttons and flowers I'm not sure if my card will count as I did use 2 small buttons as an accent at the bottom of my card, but my 3 flowers are also buttons so I suppose technically I've used 5 buttons, but I'll not tell if you don't.

The Secret crafters challenge was to create a celebration card and apart from birthdays I don't think there's much more of a celebration than christmas, as I always clump new babies in with birthdays as it's the babies birthday and their arrivals are more miracles than celebrations. Well anyway hope you like my card, a little bit different from the others I've done of late.

OOps I've done it again I missed the challenge deadline , I really will have to keep track of what day it is, it nolonger matters about my button count as I missed the Cute Daisy May challenge deadline, so now its one card 2 challenge!

One card 2 challenges

This one started with the sketch from Carols sketch challenge #15 and the colours came from the image I had already coloured and decided to use. I decided to combine it with the challenge from crafty card makers #5 ribbons and fibres. All these numbers make it sound like exclusive perfumes, strange how my mind works.
Well the image is another patchwork pals again and it means I have another christmas card made.

My autumn inspiration

I'm hardly original but as I don't have any suitable cute stamps, I went with what I think of when you say autumn. I have some cherry blossom trees in my garden and they go the most beautiful colours in autumn and look so spectacular when we have clear turqoise blue autumn skies, unlike today when they just look drab and miserable like the weather. Well I was going to combine 2 challenges but I missed the deadline for the other after my trip to the dentist yesturday and 2 replacement fillings that I had had for 35 years , I felt a little worse for wear.
So now my card is for the autumn inspirations challenge #49 at one stop craft challenge. Hope you can see the skeleton leaves on my piccy as I've not checked yet.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sketch and stash challenge 20

Well, not a very good piccy but the best of 5, the snowflakes on the backing paper just will not show up nor the sparkles on the turqoise base paper nor the glitter I added to highlight my snowman, but I hope you can imagine, well your crafters of course you can. I love this cute little snowman from patchwork pals he just makes me smile. Hope he does you too.