Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My first award

Courtney has very kindly passed on to me this award.

Thank you very much I am totally flattered. Now as with most rewards comes responsibilities and they are to link back to who sent you the reward, and Courtney's blog is well worth a visit, so please drop by and say hello to her.
The second thing I have to do is share 8 things with you about me.So here goes, what boring stuff can I tell you about me.

1. I get drunk very easily, my sister says I only have to smell a glass of wine and I'm plastered, no mistake though girls I am no cheap date, I am so expensive to keep happy in other ways as I'm sure my hubby will agree.

2.My english teacher at secondary school use to correct the spelling of my name on any work I handed in, and only stopped when my parent interviened. Never did like her and I'm sure the feeling was mutual, good I didn't have her for more than a year as a teacher.

3.I met my husband on a blind date that was a dare from his sister to phone him up and ask him out when we were bored at work. He asked me to move in with him after 4 months.

4. I asked my hubby to marry me, to which he laughed and then didn't sleep, I slept very well. He woke me early and said he'd decided getting married was a good idea and sorry that he laughed. We got married 8 months after meeting.

5.I had tea with the now Lord Sebastian Coe at the town hall when recieving my silver duke of edinbugh award and missed getting my gold award when being 2 days too old for the planned hike that would have completed my award, and my nurse trainning didn't allow me to do it earlier.

6. I love all crafts along with gardening and baking. My garden is winning the battle of being weed free all the time though.

7.I passed my driving test without ever paying for a driving lesson at 17 though I didn't apply for my full liscence until I could get it to run from my 18th birthday.

8.Until my son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy I was a paediatric nurse and had worked on intensive care and at the time of my leaving to care for him and help him reach his full potential I was a ward sister on a neurology and medical daycare ward .

Sorry they are all a bit boring.

Next bit pass the award onto 8 people who I have recently discovered. That's a hard one as I can never remember the last one's I've found apart from my new teamies at Penny's and Courtney has already awarded them. I think it might be a bit random but I'll try, so here are my 8.

Think thats fairly right sorry if not.

Now just got to tell each of them.Have a geat day all and will post a card now.


Alysha said...

ooooooooooooooh thanks so much honey I am so thrilled you have just made my day - huggles xxxxxxxx

Krista said...

I don't think they are boring at all;)...I love that you mt your hubby on a blind date!!...Me too!!...Thanks for including me as well!!:):)