Friday, 18 June 2010

Please drop by

and say hi to my son. I have encouraged him to make his own father's day card for his dad and after he got such lovely comments about the last card he made and I posted he wanted to post this and enter some challenges which I have helped him to do. I dread if he takes craft up as I have spent the afternoon running up and downstairs too and from my craft room with bit he wanted and then changed his mind, and despite the awful colour scheme(just my opionon) he's not done a bad job.
I think half of it was to get out of maths revision but it's something different and now I have helped him add his card to some challenges I've got my note book back. That's the worst of it his arms are so long even when he is in his wheelchair if he holds things up I can't reach them talk about blackmail me into helping, but hey it's all good fun and distraction too.

I'm sure he'd love to get some comments and it might even get him putting more posts on his blog, which is supposedly to review restaurants from a mobility challenged persons point of view, and definitely not craft. I don't need competition.

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