Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Well done Andrew

This is just to say and probably embarras my wonderful son WELL DONE on passing your exams.

I think he deserves congratulations on his exam results as he has done really well and more so as he hasn't been at school since last december for reasons previously mentioned and has had little input from school, needless to say .

He now has 4 c passes in maths, various exams additional, functional and some other kind of maths, c in geography, 4 passes in ict, c in english language and d in literature, a b in science and a c in additional science or is it the other way round, not sure, d in spanish which is amazing as the only input we had from school was 'there is a text book all written in spanish work through it' and a cd with listening exercises on, we were expecting a fail as no one speaks spanish and all his work was done with the aid of a translation dictionary. If he had had some help only knows what he could have got.

For most of his exams he was entered for the foundation teir as he wasn't at school and I suspect they were expecting him to fail everything so the highest grade he could get was a c, with the exception of science and english language. We as parents are really proud of him, as he couldn't really have achieved more and hopefully school will agree and allow him to do his chosen subjects of maths, physics and ICT at A level or whatever they call it now.

I hope all the other teenagers that got results today are as happy and proud of themselves though I know my niece says she thinks she could have done better, but she has done well too we think anyway and more importantly she can go to college to do what she wants next.


Mandy said...

Woo hoo well done Andrew fantastic results, I am so pleased for you all, no wonder you are so proud.
Sending Andrew a big kiss and he'd best not say yuck lol
hugs Mandy xx

Elaine said...

Many congratulations Andrew!!
All your hard work has paid off, I'm really pleased for you.
You deserve to be really proud of yourself, and we know your Mum and Dad are proud of you whatever your exam results.
Hugs Elaine xx