Tuesday, 15 September 2009

So much to do so little time

Where does all the time go, I really will have to make a concerted effort to get some pics of my cards onto this blog,but I don't often get to the computer as when son is in he's either using it for homework or chatting to the friends he insists he hasn't got and when he's not on and I get to the computer I get distracted by surfing all the brilliant blogs of everyone elses out there and then think oops I better go and do the decorating I'm suppose to be doing.
I'm trying to cover my sons old bedroom he moved into one of the other rooms, when he was little we had different themes each time I did his room it started with star constalations that was intresting but not hard to recover, then we had a jungle with animals painted on the walls. Then he wanted dolphins after swimming with them so for some strange reason I painted the walls turquoise and then painted dolphins on that in opalescent paint and found some glitter paint which I painted in bands so it looked like light through the water. It looked good though I say it myself but now several years later and 3 coats of paint later and still its patchy what did I do.Hubby suggested I had a new radiator fitted as I'd even painted that turqoise so that was done yesturday so now there is just the ceiling to finish, this had clouds on a turqoise sky with luminous star and moon. Hopefully all I have to do next is window dressing and find a new carpet so i can have it as a gym, hubby bought me a multigym for my birthday and its due for delivery begining of october so now you know why I've got to get on with the decorating.
Well I might get back or even get some crafting done inbetween coats .

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