Saturday, 26 September 2009

Time to try something new

Well I decided it was time I actually tried to get around to making at least one card for at least one challenge, and I am happy to say I have managed to find time to do that and more. I have made 4 cards 3 for challenges and 1 for my son to give to a friend on monday for their 16th birthday, he always leaves me with such alot of notice but always has definite ideas of how he wants the card to look, might I say sometimes he thinks I can work miracles like the time he wanted one that would open like clockwork and be 3 dimensional. Needless to say that card I didn't make and he had to come up with a more realistic concept so now he's usually quite good with his ideas and sometimes will particpate in the making of the card but today homework took priority, so I really can't complain. Right I'm off to take some picci's of my cards and then I've got to try and follow Jude's(from craft international) instructions that she very kindly sent me to help me achieve this so I will try and put them into action, you will see if I'm successful.

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