Friday, 3 December 2010

Feed the birds

I have tried to feed the birds every day it has been snowing but I've given up on the bird table which despite being clear 2 days ago now has about 15 + inches of snow onit. I have tried throwing food from an upstairs window as can't get out of my patio doors as they open about 3 inches before hitting an unpushable wall of snow but the food just sinks into the snow. Yesturday I came up with the idea of using a tortilla flat bread as a table and pushing it onto the snow covered plants on my patio through the small gap I could get the door open, I managed to put a mix of nuts, seed and meal worms on it. Problem was within 1/2 an hour it snowed again and was covered and non existant within 5 minutes.

Today as the sun is shining and so far no snow loads of beautiful icicles though and glistening snow I tried with another tortilla. Within 1/2 an hour this time a wonderful reward.

This cheeky Charlie keeps disappearing when the blackbird comes but the blackbird never stays long enough to have his picture taken and back Charlie comes. I am now back in my craft room and can hear a family of sparrows on the guttering above the window so maybe they will see the food below. The photos don't show how vibrant his colours are but that's probably down to being sat on the otherside of the patio window, but have to say I was only 4 feet away from this hungry bird, so really does show how hungry they are and why the RSPB has said we are liky to loose many of our birds again this year like last due to the cold weather and them not having enough food to help them keep warm.

I love it when they visit and find great joy when gardening and have blackbirds, thrushes and robins all join me within an arms length so for that pleasure I feed them as there is such joy in nature if we only stop to look and see and definitely appreciate all we have around us.

So please


Nikbee said...

Such wonderful pictures.

Nikki x

Minami said...

What a beautiful little robin