Wednesday, 25 November 2009

All Change

Well yesturday didn't quite go to plan, my son was to have surgery and they had a bed so starved from 6:30 and at the hospital by 7:30 and son getting more and nore wound up. All going well seen by junior doctor who marked leg and I told son had a scab on one of foot scars as had scratched it at the weekend ( his scars have been cut into so many times they are quite fragile) and he said ok and never even looked at it. Nurse put local anasthetic on the back of his hands and we tried to keep him calm. The grand round of doctors arrived and all said hello we'll see you soon downstairs etc. I think the problem lies in the admission paper work being done 2 weeks ago in pre admission clinic where they ask if you have been  in touch with anyone infectious, got any cuts etc, 2 weeks is along time .
The anethatist came and we asked if son could have canula put in on ward as he is awful about needles and by time we get to anaestheitc room well last time it took 20 minutes to get him to co-operate to have the canula in and you can't hold him down as he is a big lad. Nice lady anaethatist agreed and fate or not the theatres had rung to say they were on their way to collect him so she asked to let them know he would be 5 minutes later. Juast as anaethetist was getting stuff to put canula in , consultant arrived and I told him about scab, he took a look and advised that as it was a re-do surgery it was inadvisable to proceed as the scab may hold some infection and if they entered and it did the risks were too high along with not healing and son could loose his leg or worse, all of which were valid and truthful reasons, it helps having a nursing background. Son was devastaed but when he scratched it I had said it might cause problems I just didn't say what as he was so hyped up . I've to let consultants secretary know when its healed and doctor took a swab so if it is infected I can get antibiotics from our GP and consultant will re-schedule.

Not the kind of day we expected at all but its better to be safe than sorry and all things happen for a reason. For now we are back to the waiting game, but will keep all you kind people posted and on a positive note I might get some crafting done after I've got my sons zimmer frame repaired as last night one of the screws that holds it together broke sheered in two so thats got to be sorted this morning life is never straight forward or dull.

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