Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My son's new venture

For those of you who don't know, when I started my blog I hi-jacked my son's blog which he wasn't everso happy about, but then decided he didn't mind, but now he does.

The reason being he has started his own blog up again, as he now has a purpose, so isn't impressed that his profile made him sound like a craft nut, me.

We have managed to resolve that and he is now raring to go with his new blog called critic on wheels.

If you haven't guessed he uses a wheelchair to get around in when we are out and about, although he does walk with a zimmer frame when he is at home, its just not always pracical when we are out as he tires fairly quickly.
He has been getting quite down lately and very frustrated about his mobility or lack of, possibly due to pain he is in , which will hopefully be resolved soon as he is due some more surgery in a few weeks to re- fuse his ankle joint with screws and staples and bone grafts from his hip to try and stablise it and relieve the pain. Fingers crossed that this time it will work, as last time the bone grafts didn't take and he had to have the screws removed when they strted working their own way out. That and his upcoming exams and mock GCSE's and then just being 15 is all taking its toll, and he hasn't been very positive of late.

Whilst away over the october break we visited a couple of restaurants, and whilst talking came up with the idea that he could become a restaurant critic on his blog with the angle of how accessible the places are for wheelchairs as well as his views on the food etc. He was quite taken with the idea as we do try to go out at least once a month to a nice restaurant instead of having a takeaway treat weekly, and we can say he definitely enjoys good food and is willing to try anything. Whilst on holiday in cornwall we went to Rick Steins deli /fish store and at 10am in the carpark, my son was eating oysters and lovin it. Now I'm not saying theres anything wrong in that ( I don't like oysters) but I'm not sure I could say any of his friends or many other 15 year olds will have even tried oysters let alone eaten them at that time in a morning.

So if when its got going any of you would like to offer him your support I'm sure it would give him a real boost and I would say thank you, personally I can't wait to see how he is going to rate some of the places we have been as he calls a spade a spade at the best of times and sometimes I could willingly gag him, but thats teenages isn't it ?

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Unknown said...

no worries, I forgot to add that it ends on sunday.
Yes we have two challenges, to give everyone more chance to win the set that is up for grabs each week.
Mondays, is either a color or recipe challenge and on wednesdays we have a sketch challenge.
you can do either or both more chances to win ;)
or use them both in conjuction.
as long as they are in my sunday 10pm ;)
hope this helps.

and we also have a dt call if you want to apply :)