Sunday, 29 May 2011

To all who have entered challenges at OSAAT , Penny's and Creative craft challenges

Hi all just to say I am visiting your challenge entries but like many am having severe problems leaving comments on many of the blogs, it seems to be ok if the comments come up in a separate box, the one with jump to comment on but when the comments are at the end of the post I get stuck in a sign in loop like many others seem to be experiencing too. Hopefully this will soon be fixed I'm even experiencing the same problem on my DT blogs very frustrating.

For all those entering the Creative craft challenges please read the challenge carefully as many are mis understanding what I wrote. The challenge isBLUE, BROWN  and CREAM and not restful colours. Yes I did write that I find this colour palatte restful but clearly stated that Sandra out boss lady chose the challenge colours of BLUE, BROWN and CREAM and sadly we have had quite a few entries that have not read correctly what the challenge is. I know we all skim read so understand how easy it is to make mistakes but I really don't want you all to miss out as we have had some fab entries.

Thanks Julye

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