Friday, 5 February 2010

4 squares , so much stress!

When I saw the sugar bowl sketch I imediately thought I knew what I would do, you know when the light goes on and it just seems so clear, I hope it never happens again. I have been making this card for days, knowing my luck I will have missed the deadline it's taken so long.

I thought the 4 squares on the layout just looked like a window and a stamped image behind them would look great, I have been slowly collecting my sugar nellie stamps but don't have that many yet but I must have tried them all. Each one I stamped I cut a window and some vital part was obscured or missing making the image unrecogniseable. I tried different size windows over different bits of image and nothing looked like I wanted it to.

I changed tack and started with the resy of the card and didn't have any real lace so used basic grey paper lace and then I found this funky flowered paper and thought I would use that and then try again.

I cut images into 4 , what a waste and so heart breaking, I didn't want to copy others I'd seen whilst searching for inspiration and use 4 different head images but how could I make it work?

In desparation I looked at some of my cut up images and picked a few and cut them to an even equal size. They aren't all form the same stamped image so there is some overlap of their content and I'm not sure I am totally happy with it but I think it's passable and as it was starting to make my head hurt when I retire to my craft room for respite after getting and keeping Andrew my son motivated and on track with school work whilst he's off school post surgery , I decided to call it quits and hope for the best.

Right I'm off to upload and get disheartened when I look at all the other no doubt fabulous and ingenious interpretations, but I'll keep on trying.


Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed your comments, your pretty funny. You know my daughter is also in a wheelchair and also a critic, who knew? Thanks and have a great day. Hugs, Jane

Cherry said...

Looks fab Julye - love the different bits of images and how you have co-ordinated them. Really clever and a success. Hugs Cherry XXX