Monday, 8 February 2010

Is less more? (+ Andrew update)

I am so unsure about this card, don't get me wrong I really like it, and I have followed the wonderful layout at Totally Gorjuss, and it is so the clean lines I love, but after doing so many cards with layers and embellishments and finding it so hard as it's justso not me I found this so easy , is less more? Is it ok?

The 3d or pop it up is the challenge theme at Kl  stampin n scappin and it works so well with the gorjuss girls as they really do come to life. You can almost reach out and give her a great big hug and I think it works so well on such a clean simple card.

Andrew today had his stitches out and a new pot put on. We got to see his foot for the first time in 3 weels and it's certainly a different shape. It looks straighter but still looks quite swollen , well hopefully its swelling around his ankle and not just the width of his ankle from all the metal work inside. We still haven't seen his xrays yet as his consultant was away in Bristol, but he has 5 new scards on his foot very close to 3 he already had but all look nice and neat. I jokingly said he would soon have a scar all the way around his foot.Next appointment early march and he will hopefully then start to weight bear, so the doctor said, but he didn't actually say pot off and weight bear, may be I'm just being pesimistic as it wasn't a pleasant trip for me as I was everything that was wrong for Andrew, so glad his dad went with me as today I'm just an antagonist to Andrew so I'm staying out of his way till he's chilled out. I don't mind as he and his Dad are watching a recording of the super bowl so I've tidied up, done a few little chores and can now have some craft and computer time.
I love my son to bits but sometimes I could... well thats teenagers and I bet at one time or another all parents get this frustrated with their children, and I do understand his frustration , but for now it's over and got to stay positive.
For those who think I'm rambling if you read this post it might make more sense, thanks for reading.


Mandy said...

Hi Julye, gorgeous card hunny, I'm with you on the layers, as the saying goes old habits die hard!
I'm so pleased Andrew's foot looks straighter, our kids drive us all mad at times and us them, not that I can think of anything annoying us mum's could do lol. Remember you have spent so much time together looking after Andrew and if we are stressed or worried we always take it out on the ones closest to us, that's what I've got a husband for lol.
love n hugs Mandy xx

Pretty-In-Ink said...

It's a beautiful card! the simple layout makes the image more striking! and she looks great popped up!

Susie Sugar said...

Clever 3D work Julyeb and a great card too, love that moody g/girl and she looks great in blue too
Hugs Susie xx
ps I just use a normal needle in my sewing machine in fact its the one that came with it I have never changed it in the 2 years I have had the machine , but it it a pretty powerful machine its a Janome 8077 hope that helps
Hugs Susie xx