Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Design a new Anya competition

I have to say I am one of those sad people who only have a couple of greeting farm stamps as it's only a couple of months ago that I discovered them. Think I must have been hiding in a cave or something and now they compete for my pennies along with all the other things on my wish list.

Needless to say though I only have 2 images I still like entering the challenges on the greeting farm etc when the images I have can fulfil the criteria. The last competition I found there I didn't need a stamp for as the challenge is to design a new Anya.I have to say I am having real problems deciding which of the two images I have been doodling to enter as you can only enter one concept, but I think as my son says he thinks my pirate is cuter I will go with that one. I have piccies of both my line drawings and the images coloured in to show you here, please excuse the bad art work. Thankfully one of the entry rules isn't good artwork as the clever designer people are looking for the concept rather than the design so my bad drawing doesn't matter. I'm sure whatever  concept they choose it will be great and yet another to add to my wish list and if nothing else my design will give them a giggle as I'm sure all my doodles will you all too. Thanks for popping by and join in as I'm sure there are far more clever people amongst you with fantastic ideas.

For your entertainment my other drawing that will not be getting entered, oh and so you know what it is suppose to be I will tell you it's 50's with a poodle on her dirndle skirt ready for some rock and roll.

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jude said...

Hiya hun,Wow i can honestly say your abetter drawer than i am.I agree with your son love both images but the pirate one wins for me...Yes bobbie is fine so good yesterday was the first time out of the house...the world of lamp posts in this village not much street lighting.He was fab he doesnt like traffic when car coming past him he sits down then gets up walks off once sure will grow out of it soon.
The girls still having rough time still battling out with the school we shall get there eventually im sure.
I have added some more items to shop and more to come today im now getting rid of all stock from website as just sitting which is a pop over click on shop at top take apeek.adding more over weekend
have great bank holiday lovely morning here just hope it lasts
love n hugs judex