Thursday, 11 February 2016

stamps for sale

I have been sorting out my stamps and have decided that those I haven't used of have only used very rarely I have decided to sell to someone who would give them a little more love than I have.

The first ones I have sorted through are some of the very first stamps I bought when I first started crafting and were all from The Stampman. The stamps were from sheets of  Non-Sequitur and aspects of design and when looking on the internet to see if I could find the names of the sheets and some examples of them being used I found that I couldn't find most of the sheets and more surprisingly they still sell for the same or a couple of pounds more than I paid for them.
(appologies for the small text blogger seems to be ignoring me when I ask for the text to be all the same size and colour,will keep trying to correct it,hope you manage to read the small print,thanks)

I will try and find examples but apologies for those I don't.

The stamps have all seen ink once as I stamped them to make storage sheets which I have cut up to illustrate what the stamp actually looks like.

I do use some out of the sheets so I am not selling full sheets but will price the stamps individually or where small stamps in a group.

If you need any further information about any of the stamps please contact me by email and I will be happy to help.

All stamps are backed with ez mount.

Oriental lady hair down(stamped once image shown grey stazon)

oriental lady hair up (stamped once image shown in grey stazon)

Not sure inf these are actually vintage lockets but I always thought they looked like carpet bags but are very intricate designs
All 4 for £2 +p+p

Large and small open fans
Both for £2+p+p

Lace border strips seen on card embossed with black sparkle embossing powder and fussy cut
Both for £2+p+p

Feed the ducks scene large stamp used only once to stamp image shown again in grey stazon.

Boy from feed the ducks set works with the scene above , again stamped only once  image shown

Slightly smaller feed the ducks scene stamped once  grey stazon image shown

 Small Do feed the ducks
stamped once image shown in grey stazon

Oriental gentleman
Stamped once in black versafine ink image shown

Standing oriental lady stamped once in versafine black ink image shown

These two pages of stamps hold 2 complete sheet sets , unfortunately I can't remember which stamps go with which set so I am selling the 2 sets as one complete set.
I have shown the stamped imaged and corresponding rubber stamps. All are backed with ez mount.

I have used some of these stamps but the door twice and the others demonstrated on the card shown only once.

Both set all of the stamps shown above (garden related) £25+p+p

examples shown below

The following images are from The Stampman  blog site

These next few stamps again have all  been used once or twice they are like a botany card with a picture of the flower and a description.

 Rose  £2+p+p

Crocus £2+p+p

Pansy £2+p+p

This stamp has only been stamped once ,the image shown.
Heart for someone special

These are all floral stamps all again stamped once to show the images above. There is a mix of sizes and rather than split these and sell individually I am selling these as a group.

£5 +p+p (for all 12)

If you wish to purchase any of the stamps please contact me by email at

many thanks

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