Thursday, 29 July 2010

A little bit of painting

All these posts make it look like I've been super busy crafting today, but have to admit , it's more that they have all been in the pipeline so to speak and either I've just finished them off or am just getting around to posting them. I would love to do crafting all day but alas it was supermarket shopping and cleaning up for most of the day. I then decided I fanciedbaking, not eating as we are all in need of loosing some excess pounds so I had it plannede that as it is our neighbours daughters birthday tomorrow , she will be the grand age of 10, I thought I could take some cute glittered cupcake round for her, as her mum rarely has time to bake as she is a student midwife. Shall we say things went to plan up to me getting them out of the oven , when for some reason I decided to throw the tin on the floor. Fortunately it landed right side up and only 4 landed on the floor but some that were still in the tin looked a little cracked from the shock. The birds will enjoy the floor 4 and when cooled I will see what I can salvage. Good job I didn't say I would bake them and it was an extra suprise. If they are a total disaster I may bake some more or depending how the mood takes me just forget the whole idea.

Well this card not my usual thing, but like the baking when I get a bee in my bonnet I have to dabble. I'm not the world's best artist by any stretch of the imagination but I love how different watercolours look and they don't have to be wishy washy colours.

I intend entering this for the watercolour challenge at Polka doodles as they have some of the new letraset aquamarker pens up for grabs and I figured I might be a better artist with those. Not sure if it's a random thingy or choice winner so I'll just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed.


Mel said...

OMG this is amazing!
Please can I have some cake mmmmmm cake!
Hugs melly xxx

Elaine said...

Blimey Julye, you have been a little busy bee!
Can you send some of that spare creativity over to me please?
All fab, but I do love your cake painting, it's beautiful.
(Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement, much appreciated)
Love Elaine xx