Friday, 16 October 2009

Weaving for a change

Well this card fulfils 2 challenges ,but my biggest challenge was finding which challenge the sketch came from as I have this bad habit of going through the postings on my dash board so I don't miss anything (well at least thats the theory but I seem to flollow that many blogs that I rarely keep up) and sketching the plan layouts and noting down the different themes. The problem is I don't always write down all the info, so like today  for an earlier post I couldn't find creative inspirations but I'd made a card for the theme and it has now just taken me nearly 1/2 an hour trying to find who's layout I followed for this card.

I did find the layout and suprisingly I haven't missed the deadline ,someone must be looking after me. The layout is from Sunday sketch and stamp.
The colours are for Colour create challenge of black, white, yellow and red. Yellow just seems to keep cropping up lately and I am so not a yellow person, if you know what I mean. I tried weaving as its something I've not done for ages and I'm sure it wasn't as fiddly but maybe the paper strips were bigger as I remember doing it with my son so it must be quite a while ago.
See if you think it looks ok, I'm still not sure. The card seems to have a bit of a retro feel to it , maybe I'll send it to my sis she always loved yellow when she was little but couldn't say yellow and said lellow. Sorry Kath if you read this love you really.

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Arianne said...

Great card!
Thanks for playing along with us at SS&S!

Hugs, Arianne
SS&S team