Monday, 12 October 2009

How do I choose what should be my show case

I found this fab challenge Magnolia Down under ,its a really nice blog and despite not having any Magnolia stamps yet  I like the site it's light hearted, and when I saw they had a guest Dt up for grabs I thought I'd have a go, problem is I don't know quite what to put in my little showcase.

My style is quite plain at the side of all these fantastic design team cards so I'm fairly sure I don't stand much of a chance, but then thats just being negative isn't it and I'm always telling my son he should be more positive so fingers crossed.  I tend to be a rubber stamper at heart though I get distracted and like trying new crafting techniques as I find them,so I have included my first go at quilling, and a card I made for one of my sons friends as he is mad about a console game and this lady in the pink bikini is from that.

I have also taught myself encaustic technique which is almost as gratifing as stamping as you get results really quickly, but I still have alot to learn and would only class myself as a basic beginner but its definitely fun. I like the idea of having a card you can polish to make it shine.

I enjoy cross stitch but quickly loose patience if they take along time but I saw a magazine article for ribbon embroidery, this was fab quick and very effective results that look as if you have to be really clever to achieve but you don't.

I find mens cards quite hard especially when they don't have too many hobbies or you don't know them that well. I bought these skeleton leaves not really knowing what I was going to do with them but this is what I came up with, I think it might be one of my favourites.

This is a fairly recent card I did for a challenge and I think this could be another favourite again its quite simple though.

When it comes to girly cards I love the art deco era and have stamps and kits for these, I've actually got the same image as is on this card in a stamp and love using it but I also love the cute stamps and some girls are just the flowery type so I make these to. The art deco though I've used in mens cards too, I never realised how many cards I have made that are men orientated . Well if nothing else this little exercise has shown me I'm not bad at mens cards afterall.


Amy Leggate- Paper Romance said...

Hey Julye! Thanks for linking me up! I dont think your cards are plain at all, I Love them! Good Luck with the GDT spot!!

Kellie said...

wow amazing creations. Thank you so much for applying and best of luck to you.
Hugs, xx

vicmbee said...

gorgeous cards love the encaustic one, not sure what the technique is but it looks awesome..