Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bright colours for Swanage memories

My card this post is for the challenge over at the sugar bowl. It is a fab sketch layout with an extra of stars, which I managed to use one, unless the spots and stars you see after my bright colours count.

I managed to make this whilst my son has the home tutor, not that I've sorted my craft room move, my craft stuff is spread over 3 rooms at present, until I get the bookcases and units I need, hopefully this weekend fingers crossed, but had to find a way to craft. Before Andrews teacher arrived we somehow got to talking about geography and field trips which as I brought my coffee upstairs to play for an hour reminded me of my A level geography field trip to Swanage. Nothing to do with the geopgraphy but the fun memories like going on a hike to find different land features and we 3 girls read the map wrong and ended up in a farm yard, we decided we must have taken a wrong turn especially when we found ourselves face to face with a load of cows.
Another memory is our cliff top walk where we were suppose to be doing stacks and cliff erosion, we were all more fascinated with the piece of road that started in the middle of a field and ended on the cliff edge, white lines and everything. The best bit was being able to say we stood on that road when it was on TV as as advert for a car driving fast to the edge and stopping. The card though was inspired by our wanderings into Swanage to the one cafe that was still open and obviously patronised by the locals. We all got very strange looks and how boring and straight laced we must all have seemed with our yorkshire accents and practical clothes. We looked on at the locals with amazment as they were all punk rockers with bright fluroescent coloured hair black torn and pinned clothes and chains. Punk rock seemed to have died out a coulpe of years earlier at home , it was a bit like time warping but nevertheless it inspired my card today and has made me smile thinking back. Many of my friends from that trip now have influential jobs  or are married to people in high places, civil servants , lawyers, chemists and even the odd lowly teacher. strange how we grow up and I suspect non of us ever dreamt of being what we become, its almost as if our paths are mapped out before us and we just play the game.

Well spring is here the frogs are multiplying in the pond and the sun is out, get out your glasses as here's my card. I haven't yet added the sentiment as not decided yet what to put, hope sugar nellie don't mind.

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