Monday, 1 March 2010

For a little something completely different

Well not so little really. I made this aran cardigan for my son , it's not quite finished as it still needs buttons and I haven't had chance to go get any yet, but it hasn't stopped him wearing it.

I made myself one for our holiday in the summer for the evenings and my son laid on it one day when I left it on the sofa and decided he wanted one as it was cuddly. I must admit the thought of knitting another aran so soon after didn't really appeal and I didn't want to do it if it was only a whim, so I left getting the wool a while.
Needless to say by october half term and our trip to scotland my son asked if his aran cardy was done. I had to say no and said it was because I hadn't got the wool as I didn't know what colour he wanted, he immediately wanted to pick a colour and so once the wool arrived I started to knit. It has somehow taken me ages , longer than usual , my heart just wasn't in it but now it's finished I'm really pleased with it and more importantly so is Andrew , he says its lovely and cuddly warm. (That won't do his street cred much good now will it) Hope he doesn't read this or he'll not be best pleased!

Well I have just found that the Pink elephant have a theme of green this week. I know Andrew's cardy is more a bluey green( the wool shade is actually called  green heather) and it's definitely not a card but do you think they will let me enter their challenge, well it is green and so coincidental that I finish knitting it when they have a green challenge theme, well I'm off to see.


LORi said...

Oh I am soooo happy to see something other than a card!! That was the goal from the start, for TPE to be open to all sorts of crafting!!
I love it!! You do fabulous work!!
Thanks for joining us this week at The Pink Elephant!!

Hugs - LORi

Unknown said...

How beautiful! You're so talented! Thanks for creating with us at TPE!