Saturday, 6 March 2010

Just BEE -cause

I made this card a while ago whilst experimenting so the images are actually hand drawn similar to an image I saw on a card in a shop. I'm very naughty as when I go to places like M&S and see a card I like I make a doodle of it in a note book I have in my bag and then try to create something along the line of it, I just think its a way of staying up with the trends and getting ideas. Must admit though haven't done it in a while though, probably as I get lots of inspiration from blogland and that I don't seem to have been shopping for fun since just after christmas with Andrew being stuck at home.

Well anyway my card, I thought I would enter it into the challenge over at Paperplay as their challenge is called 'just because', the idea is to send someone you care about a card you make for them just because and no other reason.  I do this sometimes to family and friends I haven't seen in a while,talking on the phone is ok but a card lasts longer doesn't it, so this will go into my stash as one to send to my brother and family real soon.

I decided to add some fun and put the bee on a wire that I coiled into a spring so it wobbles, I also gave him wire antenae see what you think. Hopefully my colouring has improved slightly since I made this card a while ago but it just seemed to be perfect for this challenge.


Deirdre said...

Love the addition of the bee on the wire - great dimension on a fab card.

Thanks for joining us on Paperplay this week and especially since it is my first time setting the challenge. Many thanks ♥.

Julie M said...

Love the springy bee, Julye. And your idea of the notebook in M&S - sneaky - but excellent!!!!

Thanks for joining us on PaperPlay this week.

Julie :o)