Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Quick update on Andrew( for those intrested)

Well today we have had some progress, back to the hospital and today pot off and Andrew can start to weight bear and so he can now start to learn to walk again. He came out of the hospital really positive, and decided he would get in the car totally unaided, despite us and the consultant telling him he should take it slowly and start by just standing. Needless to say he decided quickly that he couldn't quite manage it as it felt quite funny and he will now take it slowly.

He has been trying to stand but is being a bit of a wuss, sorry should I say that,as he keeps saying it feels bruised but we will get there in the next couple of days.

His consultant was very nice and let him take a couple of pics of his latest xrays of his latest metal wear in his foot that now hopefully stops his ankle rolling side to side. If goes quite well with his other mechano in his left foot and thighs and hip joints, bionic man eat your heart out!


Squirrel x said...

Oh bless him, glad the pot is off at last hun. If he's anything like I was, your brain says "nothing wrong, I can walk" and then you find out that things don't work quite how you expected them too LOL! Hope he takes it steady. Hugs, Squirrel xx

Mandy said...

Glad he's got the pot off now, I did laugh about you saying he's a wuss, he's a man what do you expect lol.
Very impressive xrays, hope he continues to improve
hugs Mandy xx