Saturday, 20 March 2010

Friday skeches #94

What a down pour of rain we have just had , hard to believe our changable weather at the mo. The frogs are still at it quite madly and yesturday it was uite amusing watching them elbow each other out of the way in hopes of getting to the nearest female, lots of splashing going on and some must have been sucessful as there is alot of frogspawn now, and the rain justdoesn't seem to slow them down either.

Well onto my card. I recently got my first greeting farm stamp, partly as he was on my wish list and partly to wind Andrew up. Having been off his feet and still not everso mobile his hair has grown over the last 2 months and he refused to have it cut. (sorry been off his feet didn't make his hair grow, that sounded real daft). I kept calling him Edward as his hair sort of fell into the middle all stuck up and he wouldn't gel it so it just looked a mess. I really don't like it when he has it cut as he likes it really short but it was just something to tease him about and a good retort for all his tormenting. Well the day after I got the stamp and showed him the image he requested a hair cut, so I spoilt my own fun, but I did get a new stamp so thats not too bad.

I decided I would use it on a card for my nephew, and as I am trying to make a concerted effort to use some of my paper scraps on every card Friday sketches seemed like the ideal layout. I haven't yet added a sentiment as I will make a few cards and then mum and son can choose which they like and I will add cousin or grandson or nephew as appropriate.

Whilst I'm on a roll with male cards I thought I'd enter another over at cards for men. They have a theme of birthdays this time, hope I'm ok entering more than one in a challege and that my entries don't get disqualified.

Enjoy the rest of the day and weekend tomorrow the weather might be better who knows?

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Nannieflash said...

Wow fabulous card, love that image and the colouring is gorgeous. Thank you for joining us at Cards for Men, and good luck with the Challenge. With hugs Shirleyxxxx