Friday, 8 July 2011

Jog of a memory

Hi all have just been doing a bit of blog hopping and popped across to Michele's at enchanted stamper. She was talking about favourite summer memories and it set me thinking about some of mine. I have quite a few favourites as my birthday is in august and we were usually on holiday in Devon or Cornwall so most of my birthday as were totally chilled and fun even without parties.

My wedding was also in august and in the morning the weather was much like the rain we are having today but in between showers it was dull. The sun started to appear and shine as I walked downstairs in my dress and the rest of the afternoon and evening was glorious.

I think my favourite summer memory would be of my son at about 2 or 3 years old. We were going out for the afternoon with friends and whilst we loaded his pram into the car and as were going for lunch at friends his high chair so he could sit at the table we left him playing the keyboard on the floor by the door where we could see and hear him, as the car was only in the driveway. In the short time it went quiet we flew back in the house to find the cushion he had sat on he had moved off and had collapsed asleep onto it. He stayed like this for the next hour sound asleep and looked quite puzzled waking at our friends house on their sofa.He looked so cute I had to take a picture and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. Now he towers above me at 17 time flies and they grow so fast , why can't children stay cute and cuddly for longer?

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Michele L. said...

Hi Julye,
Thanks for sharing, that was sinply so adorable!