Thursday, 21 January 2010

Help my son to a speedy recovery please

Hi to all my wonderful craft blog land friends, will creaping and flattery help me ask for your assistance, I hope so.
I am going to try and put this on automatic post as I won't be around later to do it as today my 15 year old son goes into hospital for a repeat of some surgery on his right ankle that failed. to say he is anxious is an understatement and in his words he can't understand why he is so nervous when he has had so many operations in the teens that he can remember . Many of those operations have lasted more than 6 hours in surgery too.

Andrew my wonderful caring and loving and considerate (most of the time) was born prematurely at 27 weeks and 3 days, we were told if he weighed 2lb he would be a good size but he weighed more 2lb 13oz which stunned everyone. I think I would have had an e4lephant had I gone to term. He is now a strapping 6 foot + I don't know his exact height as when he got to 5ft 10 in 2 years ago I stopped measuring but as he keeps needing new trousers as they are too short I suspect 6ft+. he was initially given a 1-2 % survival rate so we prepared ourselves for the worst and cherished each of those early days as if they were his last. He went through the book of neonatal problems as well as doing daft things like pulling out stitched in chest drains for collapsed lungs despite the drain being only slightly smaller than hai arm. If anyone in intrested I will find a picture of him in the neonatal unit.

Well to cut a long story short at 18months old I noticed he was walking on the inside of his foot and suspected we hadn't got away with his early arrival scott free and took him to his paediatrician and suggested he may have some form of cerebral palsy. Unfortunately I was agreed with and the long road began. He has had his thigh bones cut and rotated so has plates in them, his hips dislocated and the sockets shaved to make them deeper, bone grafts and pins put in his feet to try and straighten them and his ankles fused, as well as minor operatons along the way.

All this as well as pain when things aren't right along with being a teenager would be enough but Andrew has been bullied at school too throughout his whole secondary school life on and off consequently his self esteem and confidence don't take much to knock it.

I know many other crafters have and are asking for cards to be made and sent for much more worthy causes but I would love my son to have a boost of confidence to help him recover speedily and help him though this stressful time as until he knows the surgery this time has been successful I'm sure he will be worrying and that means at least 6 to 8 weeks of him getting worried.

Will have to go now to get his breakfast as he can't have anything after 7:30 will let you all know how things go later.

Sorry for the delay in posting but time at the hospital doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Andrew is now on his second day post op and doing well, still on stong pain relief but otherwise happy. The unfortunate news is he has to be non weight bearing for at least 6 weeks till he's reviewed but has to have a pop change and sutures out in 3 weeks. That means home schooling as school won't take him good old health and safety gone mad again so have spent ages on the phone and away from my baby( oh how he would cringe) sorting out that and putting in the requests and begging for school to sort out some work etc hope all the info and messages are relayed by those I spoke to so I don't have to chase it all up again.

Well got to dash just got some more requests from my son via text message as to what else he wants me to take in later today, its nice in one way that he is so comfortable being there and with the staff but not in another as it just shows how much time he's spent in hospital to feel that way.

Well thankyou if you have stuck with all my ramblings so far and now for my begging request. If anyone fancies making a card and sending it to my son to help break the monotomy of the weeks that are to follow and make him see that people care and give him some contact with the outside world could you would you any of you like to send him a card to cheer him along the way. The only thing I request is that you don't put boys running around on 2 good legs on it as I think that might add insult to injury so to speak but I'm sure anything else would be appreciated. He has already set himself the long term goal that he would like to be walking without a frame or with a stick by the time he is 18 only just over 2 years away and he's only 2 days post op!

Thankyou for taking the time if you've stuck with me so far it is so much appreciated and if you drop me an email I will send you a snail mail address thankyou all so very much .

Friday - Andrew my son, can't remember if I told you his name , has been up and down yesturday wasn't a good day as the nerve blocks wore off and he was having alot of pain and pins and needles in his leg that was in pot. He had his pot split last night to relieve the pressure and thankfully the pins and needles subsided over night and he had a much better night. Today he has stopped his IV drugs and has managed to cope with only a low pain on oral drugs and is looking forward to coming home , hopefully over the weekend. Many thanks for all your kind comments and support and for those intrested will keep you posted on his progress and reaction to your cards as I haven't told him anyone will be sending them as I thought that would add to the suprise. Thankyou all again you are all such kind and wonderful people.


creatingmemories said...

All good things sending your way!
Hope the surgery goes well...take care..

Squirrel x said...

No problem at all babe! I'll email you now. Hugs, Squirrel xx

Mandy said...

Oh Julye what a stressful time for you all hun.
I did a card request with my Do Craft buddies and my daughter was thrilled with the beautiful cards she received it cheered her up so much so consider it done hun. I'll email you now
hugs Mandy xx

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Hi Julye, hope all goes well for Andrew. I will email in a bit. Hugs Val xxx

Julye said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes and emails , I have not told my son so it will be a wonderful suprise for him. Thankyou all so much.

Max said...

Just popped over from Mandy's blog where I read about your son Andrew. Bless his heart. Hope the cards he receives will help him in his recovery and bring a little bit of sunshine to his days. Here's hoping that the surgery is a success this time.


Kerri said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Andrew! I hope he is doing better, and that the surgery was successful. Would you e-mail me your address at so I can send him a card as well. I've added a link that will take you to the gift card instructions for the gift card holder you asked about on my blog. Hope that helps!


Donnas Den said...

Hope he's feeling well today, Julye. Thinking about you all.

Donna xx

SemSee said...

Oh Julye, I'm so sorry to read about Andrew. I can understand a little bit as my 11 year old nephew has cerebal palsy too (although not to the extent Andrew has, as he hasn't had any ops to date). I can also sympathise about bullying, as our daughter was bullied during 2 years of her school life.... I will keep you both in my thoughts and I wish him a speedy recovery. Hugs, Sem x PS The school should definitely set him work. My hubby is a 2ndary school teacher, and his school certainly does that for children who are suspended, let alone out ill!

Lisa said...

Hi Julye, I am so sorry to read about Andrew. Bless him, he has been through so much. I would love to make a card for him. If you can please email me your address at (I share email with my OH).

Lisa x

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Julye, I am so sad to read about Andrew and everything he has had to endure and to top it off being bullied too - why are kids so cruel. I hope he will progress as he wishes and be able to walk properly by the time he is 18. I am sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery to his surgery. Please can you email me your address and I will get a card sent off to him ASAP. Hugs, Denise x

Ali Dantre said...

Hi Julye, I have emailed you sweetie. I saw your appeal on Mandy's blog. Im so happy to help bless him. Stay strong darling.
Love lisa.xx

Lori said...

Hi Julye ~ Thanks for letting us know what's going on... May the love of God surround you comfort you and strengthen you in Jesus' name :D
Lifting up healing prayers for Andrew also. I'm not sure what I can find appropriate for him, but I will look and e-mail you soon.
Love and hugs ~ Lori