Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Your cards make such a difference-thankyou(Andrew update)

This is just a quick update on Andrews progress(for those who want to know more read this linked post).

Yesturday Andrew had a much better day, might have been something to do with sleeping until 9:40, sleep is the best medicine isn't it. His concentration is still away with the fairies which is frustrating him as he is trying to get some geography course work done for friday but I contacted his geography teacher and she is going to speak to the head of geography to see about extending the deadline, so hopefully we will have a bit of extra time to get his brain back in gear.

Pain wise Andrew is doing alot better but keeps getting spasms and cramps and he keeps trying to put off taking the diazepam as that really zonks him out but we are getting there slow but sure and having a few laughs along the way, mostly at my expense but I'm not bothered as laughter is another good medicine.

Did take a picture of him yesturday trying to read whilst laid on the sofa, so will post that later, as I left the camera downstair, and as Andrw is sleeping downstairs in the lounge I don't want to disturb him yet.

He recieved a card from Mandy at A sprinkling of Glitter, and a card and small gift from Max at Max's crafty creations yesturday, his face was a picture he beamed from ear to ear and I had to put the cards on the window sill next to him so he could see them. Everytime he looked at them he just beamed so thankyou so much ladies, you made a young mans day, I'm waiting to see if he says anything when he sees the post man today.
I suspect he wants to thank you both personally as he has asked for me to find out your email addresses for him so you may get an email today, but I thankyou form the bottom of my heart.

I know shirley from Squirrels world has also sent him a card, even though she is suffering herself from a trip to the dentist , so take care of yourself and hope you feel better real soon, and a special hug to help you along the way and all my thanks too.

There really are some special people still in this world they just don't realise its the little kindnesses that make them those special people.Thankyou


Squirrel x said...

Hi hunny, I can't believe he's at home! Thought he would still be in hospital chatting up the nurses LOL! Glad to hear he's doing well but I really do hope he's not trying to rush things. Know all about the drugs - talk about taking a trip! With love, hugs, and all good wishes to you both. Squirrel xx

Mandy said...

Hi Julye, I am so pleased Andrew is settled back at home and liked his card.
I hope the school extend his Geography deadline, they did for my Jodie when she was in hospital, but I had to get a doctors letter to give to the school and exam board explaining why she had fallen behind
hugs to you both Mandy xx

Max said...

Received a super thank you e-mail from Andrew. What a lovely young man he is Julye, you must be so proud of him.
Will look forward to the updates on his progress.
Sending hugs


Moshie said...

I am so glad to hear Andrew is doing a little better and that the cards these wonderful ladies sent him. I just emailed you for an address with a photo of my card, if you are still accepting them. I will continue to pray for Andrew and hope only the very best!