Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Where's my pond gone?

We had snow for most of the day yesturday from about 6:30am till late evening, enough to cause chaos , my son sent home from school and school closed today as well , hubby came home early and is at home today too as temperatures dropped last night and our road being a side road and no cul de sac doesn't get gritted ever so its like an ice rink. Fortunately hubby can work from  home so thats not too bad. There was a little more snow over night but only a sprinkling, but our garden looks as if its been draped in white. We have a pond and stream and the stream is still running but my pond seems to have disappeared under the snow, hopefully my fish will survive. I keep feeding the birds but they are having to dig for the food under the snow thats covered it on the table. Thought I'd share our snow as it seems to be a trend in blog land and thought I'd join in. Happy days keep warm and thanks for dropping by.

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