Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pay it forward for a good cause

I have noticed there are one or two blogs asking for help for Renata who is asking us caring bloggers to send cards to a wee young man who at 4 years old has a terminal brain tumour. I can't imagine how those parents feel as I have never been that unfortunate, but have unfortunately been with parents when they have recieved that kind of news and helped them try to understand and work through the inital shock and the care of their child as the illness progresses.

A couple of weeks ago my 15 year old had surgery for the umpteenth time and I asked if any kind crafters would send him a card to cheer him along, so far he has recieved 4 and I think there is one more some where in the post from another kind hearted crafter. The cards have really lifted my sons' mood and helped him along when he had alot of pain, so it is without any hesitation that I have made a card for this little man to try and brighten his remaining days, and I would urge anyone reading this post to join in and help bring a smile to this young man face, as it really does make such a difference to know that strangers care and it will help his family too to know that others do care and have a thought or prayer to help them along,it somehow relieves the feeling of total isolation too. Please pay forward some care you never know what's around the corner and when you might need some caring love from a stranger.

My card I thought I would make bright and cheerful with whinnie the pooh and friends. I love the bright colours of these basic grey papers and they seem to fit with pooh bear so well. I did get a little stuck with the sentiment so decided to put 'just because' and then Daan could follow the trail to find the bee inside. I thought it might appeal to a 4 year old mind , is it sad that I found it a fun idea or does that just make me about 4yrs old mentally too, I think I'm totally loosing it this cold is so fuddling my brain today sorry for rambling.

The layout is from the challenge at Create 4 fun , #27 and I think it works really well.

Basic grey have a challenge of animals and I suppose Pooh is an animal even if he doesn't think it so I guess I can enter that challenge too.


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Anne-Marije said...

What a cute card!
Thanks for joining us at the Create4fun challenge.
xxx Anne-Marije