Monday, 11 January 2010

Your next stamp blog hop relese and my fav holiday destination

This is real hard to decide. YNS have some candy for grabs for the new releases and blog hop later this month, and as part of being in with a chance to win some fab stamps you have to do a post with picture of your fav rock band or holiday destination. Now I don't have a fav rock band as I'm one of those odd people who just like the songs and can't say there is any group that I like all the songs of so not really got a fav band.
Holiday destinations thats hard too as all the places I've been home and abroad have been special for different reasons , I loved the lake district but it was my honeymoon, and scotland is so beautiful, and I do love the sunshine and have had some fab holidays in Greece and the greek islands as well as touring Florida. I think my most enjoyable and memorable holiday so far was 3 weeks touring Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. We had some fab experiences that weren't as funny as they now seem and saw some breathe-taking landscapes and places. The people were so friendly and genuine and helpful too, We set out to make it a holiday of a lifetime and it was, we had one or two hiccoughs with accessibility for our son in his wheelchair but generally all went smoothly and my son must have been impressed as both he and his dad were talking about where they would live if they moved there. They couldn't agree, one liked Calgary and the other couldn't decide on Vancouver, Banff or Jasper. If you ever get the chance to visit it really is a beautiful part of the world and I'm sure we only skimmed the surface with our 2,500 mile trip, driving which I did all of was a pleasure and the Saltlick diner ( sorry if I spelt it wrong) in Banff was a fab place to celebrate my birthday but the one in Calgery sorry folks wasn't quite as good.
Now all I have to do is find a picture so I'll have to save this as a draft and go on the other computer as thats where they all are. I think I'll find the one of Bear river sorry can't remember the indian name but I have it as 3 pictures  above my fireplace so we can wander down the river bank every day, though I'm sure it doesn't look like it did at this moment in time.

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Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

BC really is beautiful! I've there a few times. Thanks for sharing your story.